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Can't Read Jim Lee's Joker Face
Jim Lee is a keen poker player. He's rather good. He beat me solidly and I've never forgotten it. Going up against him is a heady experience for anyone.
The Joker's Mask For Batman: Death Of The Family Box Set
We know that, as with the Batman: Court Of Owls and V For Vendetta mask/box set, DC Comics will be publishing a Batman: Death Of The Family collection with a Joker skin mask in September The skin masks will also be available separately to attendees at San Diego Comic Con, according to folks who attended MegaCon[...]
Batman 17 Review And Reaction – Wednesday Trending Topics
Batman 17 tops the BC charts for the second straight day: Did Bruce Wayne make the cruelest betrayal of all in Batman 17? There are spoilers for Batman #17, the conclusion to Death Of The Family, in this review. Most-Read Comic Stories Today – Batman 17 Did Bruce Wayne Make The Cruelest Betrayal Of All? (Batman 17 Spoilers) There[...]
Review: Batman #17 – The Joke Within A Joke Within A Joke
Big spoilers ahead. Joker's big surprise, the McGuffin that's had us scratching our heads since this past summer is… (highlight below to reveal) The holy grail, the briefcase from Pulp Fiction, letters of transit, unobtainum, a crystal skull, the maltese falcon, a sledge called Rosebud, the contents of the trunk in Repo Man, Snape kills Dumbledore, and[...]
The Death In Death Of The Family? Sunday Trending Topics
12 will be Grant Morrison's final issue, and the end of his long running arc on Batman. There have been concerns that Death Of The Family may lead to a death of a regular Bat character… but is it possible we were looking in the wrong comic? Most-Read Comic Stories Today – Death Of The Family, Spider-Man So[...]
Batman, Batman And Robin, And Batgirl – "What's In The Box?" (SPOILERS)
Though I preferred this one; [youtube][/youtube] Anyway, today's Death Of The Family titles, Batman, Batman And Robin and Batgirl all tie up together at the end, ahead of the final chapter, Batman #17 Maybe next week's Nightwing and Red Hood And The Outlaws will end the same way[...]
Review: Batman #16 – Dancing For Days
After reading this issue, I believe that Death of the Family isn't about the Joker proving his devotion to Bats, it's about validating his place in Gotham The year prior to Joker's return, Batman was fighting the Court of Owls If any of you listen to Kevin Smith's Fatman on Batman podcast (a great and[...]
An Impromptu Top Forty-Seven Selling Comics For December 2012
You can see the effect of the December 26th "skip" week with only a few items available for sale, and Death Of The Family on Batman And Robin as DC get a few more titles back into the top ten than they have had of late. Please, tell me what I obviously got wrong and apologies[...]
A Comic Show – "A Crazy Curse Word Or Pooping"
Death of the Family ties in two Robins; Red Hood and Nightwing Green Lantern had Baz and B'dg, Earth's new lanterns. Marvel Now is in full swing pumping out enough books for two weeks since next week Marvel is only shipping Amazing Spider-man #700 and Avenging Spider-man 15.1 We got Avengers, Captain America, All New X-Men,[...]
The Mask Is Slipping… The Death Of The Family (Spoilers)
Today, we get four Death Of The Family comics, Batman #15, Batgirl #15, Suicide Squad #15 and Batman And Robin #15 The latter gets a die cut cover but all feature confrontation with The Joker. But the mask is starting to slip. .. Tied on by a belt strap and twine, the Joker's reattached face isn't the most[...]