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Out Of The Death Of X And Into IvX (Spoilers – And Potential Spoilers)
By Joe Glass, Bleeding Cool's Senior Mutant Correspondent  Well, Death of X is now over The series that promised to explain what exactly Scott Summers did that was SO BAD that it made him one of the most hated mutants on Earth, branded a terrorist and supervillain, sometimes by even his own friends and former allies. Well,[...]
A Look At Marvel's Death Of X In November…
Here are the covers in black-and-white of Death Of X #3 and 4, coming from Marvel in November With Cyclops taking over the world, Emma Frost behind him? And going mano a mano against Black Bolt? Can his voice split Cyclops's optic blasts? How would that work, actually? All from the Death Of X mini-poster, coming[...]
Marvel Massively Discounts All Its X-Men TPBs And HCs For 'Death Of X' Sale
Whatever 'Death Of X' is, Marvel Comics wants to clear out their warehouse of X-Men related titles, it seems With every X-related trade paperbacks and hardcovers getting a very large discount for retailers who want to help Marvel in that endeavour. So why do Marvel, seemingly, want to clear their warehouse of any X-Men title? And[...]