Deep Space Nine Documentary

Chase Masterson Chats Deep Space Nine Leeta What We Left Behind Documentary

Chase Masterson Chats 'Deep Space Nine', Leeta, 'What We Left Behind' Documentary

Another bit of author's personal backstory before jumping into my chat with Chase Masterson, who played Leeta on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine– I produce and attend several conventions during the year. I meet a lot of people both in front of and behind the scenes for series, films, and various enterprises (ha!). There have […]

Andrew Robinson Chats Deep Space Nine Garak What We Left Behind Documentary

Andrew Robinson Chats 'Deep Space Nine', Garak, 'What We Left Behind' Documentary

As a longtime Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fan, this has been a super surreal week of work interviews, readers. Seriously. You can kind of sort of get the impression of fulfilling a fangirl's dream when I got to speak with Nana Visitor, who played Major Kira Nerys on the third live-action Star Trek series (which you can read here), Armin […]