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Super Asian-American Panel at SDCC
With race at the forefront of the national consciousness, from anti-racism protests to the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes in a post-COVID world, it's a poignant time to assess the state of Super Asian America." Super Asian-American Panel at SDCC The 10th annual (and first virtual) discussion of all things Super Asian American, brought together actor Peter[...]
Miranda, Smith, Gustin, Barrett & More Join Plague Nerdalogues for BLM
And even though the 'plague' in the title initially referred to COVID-19, to apply it to systemic racism — America's first plague — felt apt." With the help of Tabu, who has worked as an activist with Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, and television producers Lamont Magee and Deric Hughes, Bernardin launched "The Plague Nerdalogues: The Second Wave"[...]