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Eternals #9 Review: Messed Up
Credit: Marvel Comics The Eternals that most of us know are holed up in Lemuria, the city of the Deviants, trying to learn how to change They've discovered the secret to their immortality — every time one of them dies, a human then dies, and the Eternal in question is reborn with that cost paid[...]
MArvel Declares That Mutants Are Deviants According To Eternals
Ooh, that's a thing… Marvel's Eternals have fought against Deviants from Jack Kirby's comic book onwards All manner of folk have been retroactively declared Eternals, such as Thanos and Eros But now it seems, according to Druig of the Eternals at least that all mutants are Deviants as well… and they aren't just talking about[...]
Eternals #1 Review: The Work of Gods and Monsters
Without them, we'd be smears between the teeth of the demon-like Deviants Their war has waged for all time, echoing in our myths and nightmares But today, Eternals face something new: change Can they – or anyone on Earth – survive their discovery? From the thought provoking minds of Kieron Gillen (The Wicked + The Divine,[...]
Kickstarting A New Approach To Superhero Comics: Deviants #1
Tory Adkisson (writer/creator), Branko Jovanovic (pencils/ink). Sebastian Cheng (color), Mick Schubert (lettering) Kickstarter Closing Date: Wednesday, July 2, 2014. Publishing Date: December 1, 2014. Set in a world coming to grips with the fact that such powerful individuals live among the general populace, Deviants will explore some familiar tropes in new ways, combining elements of Young Avengers and X-Men mashed up[...]