Disney Springs

Captain Phasma and the Stormtroopers. Photo by Baltimore Lauren

Stormtroopers are at Disney Springs Enforcing Social Distancing

Disney fans looking for their magic fix have flocked to Disney Springs at the Walt Disney World Resort since it's reopening People took to Twitter and YouTube to document what it was like to be at Disney Springs during the COVID-19 pandemic For the most part, people seem to be following the rules and minding[...]


Disney Springs at Disney World to Have a Phased Reopening May 20th

Following the exciting news that Shanghai Disneyland is set to reopen May 11th, Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort will have a phased reopening to begin May 20th In accordance with local government and health officials, Disney will be opening a limited number of stores and restaurants owned by third-party operating participants This will[...]

Cirque du Soleil's new Drawn to Life to debut this April in Disney Springs

Cirque du Soleil's "New Drawn to Life" to Debut This April in Disney Springs

Written and directed by Michel Laprise and with Fabrice Becker as Director of Creation, can only be found at Disney Springs inside the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida! This show will bring the art of Disney animation to life, while thrilling and exciting audiences of all ages.[caption id="attachment_1175254" align="aligncenter" width="1280"] Cirque du Soleil[...]

disney springs iridescent cake pops

Iridescent Cake Pops and More Now Available at Disney Springs

Because the folks at Disney World can't help themselves, they've unveiled some tasty new iridescent snacks! Guests can now indulge in an Iridescent Blue Sparkling Wine and Unicorn Magic Macaron Lollipop at Amorette's Patisserie. Amorette's Patisserie is adding a brand-new beverage to the menu TODAY and we're obsessed—raise your glass and celebrate with the Iridescent […]

iridescent color trend disney

Iridescent Is the New Pink at Disney Springs

Sorry, rose gold and millennial pink — the latest trend in Disney colors is iridescent! To go along with the other new colors Disney has been making us gush over, iridescent is here to combine them all into one pretty rainbow. And wow, I love it. Check out some of the wonderful new items below! The […]

ant-man and the wasp disney springs

Disney Springs Celebrates Ant-Man and The Wasp This Weekend

Ant-Man and The Wasp opened this weekend in theaters all across the US, and Disney Springs celebrated by introducing a new photo opportunity near the AMC Disney Springs theater!Guests can get their picture taken with wasp wings to celebrate the dynamic hero The Wasp The Wasp is cunning, smart, brave, and relentlessly fierce She was[...]

disney world s'mores

Nerd Food: Disney World Has a Unique Way to Make S'mores [Video]

Snacks at the Disney Parks are almost always out of this world. Even the most common ones — including s'mores — are created with love and magic. At The Ganachery you can indulge in some magical (and adorable) s'mores any time of the year. No campfire required! I'm a fan of The Ganachery, so if […]

disney springs red, white, and blue fourth of july 2018

How to Enjoy Some Red, White, and Blue This Week at Disney Springs

Disney Springs is a great place to spend the Fourth, as they have plenty to do -- you don't need a park ticket to check it out either! Check out some of the wonderful red, white, and blue things they're offering below.https://twitter.com/DisneySprings/status/1012376591312261131https://twitter.com/DisneySprings/status/1012718839207989248https://twitter.com/ThePolitePig/status/1012744235450290176https://twitter.com/DisneySprings/status/1013109916121387008https://twitter.com/HOBOrlando/status/1012795362556473345https://twitter.com/DisneySprings/status/1013509560621989890After spending an exciting day at Disney Springs, head on over to the Polynesian[...]

basin soaps disney

Who Says Your Bathroom Can't Be Magical? Check Out Basin Soaps

If you've never been to a Basin, you're missing out. They make some fantastic soaps, bath bombs, and other skin care goodies — many of which are inspired by your favorite Disney characters! Over the years I've had Mickey soaps, bath bombs, and even bath salts from Basin. All of them are fantastic and well […]

new disney parks treats summer 2018

6 Brand-New Sweet Treats Now Available at Disney Parks

Summer time is such a great time of the year. School is out, vacations are in, and enjoying delicious sweets is a staple of summer. At the Disney parks, summer is an even more spectacular time. The water parks are at their peak, there are special parades and fireworks, and new rides even open! Plus, […]

chewbacca merch disney

A Handful of Chewbacca Merch Available at Disney World

Now with the release of Solo, there's more Chewbacca merchandise than you can shake a Christmas special at.[gallery columns="2" ids="857087,857088,857089,857090,857091,857092,857093"]Currently the best places to find any Star Wars merchandise is Disney's Hollywood Studios and Disney Springs While you can find some stuff in the other parks, you'll have you best luck there You can also[...]

edison burger disney springs

Some of the Delicious Hamburgers You Can Find at Disney Springs

All of these burgers can be found in Disney Springs, Disney World's shopping destination.The Edison Burger at The Edison: a 10-ounce beef patty blending sirloin, short rib and brisket and topped with sharp cheddar, crispy onion rings and a layer of smoked bacon.The Southern Burger at D-Luxe Burger: a fried green tomato, Pimento cheese, lettuce,[...]

solo disney springs

Disney Springs Celebrates 'Solo' with Drinks, Merch, LEGO, and More

Disney Springs got in on the excitement this weekend with special decorations, clothing, and more If you're down at Disney Springs over the next month, you'll likely be able to see all the fun they're having with the latest Star Wars movie! It almost makes me want to go down again!https://twitter.com/DisneySprings/status/999650731119570944https://twitter.com/DisneySprings/status/999680678143946752https://twitter.com/DaniGanley/status/999801977646264320https://twitter.com/Blog_Mickey/status/999788033569427457https://twitter.com/MyNews13/status/999780291924414464https://twitter.com/onthegoinmco/status/999775073014812673https://twitter.com/DisneySprings/status/1000092893586092032https://twitter.com/DisneySprings/status/1000379784646549504https://twitter.com/DisneySprings/status/1000452762994446336[...]

millennium falcon master builders lego

LEGO Master Builders Are Completing a Millennium Falcon This Weekend at Disney Springs

This weekend in Disney Springs, guests can watch as LEGO Master Builders complete a 15 ft x 12 ft Millennium Falcon -- just in time for Solo: A Star Wars Story!https://twitter.com/DisneySprings/status/998253273655201792If you've never witnessed LEGO Master Builders at work, this may be your chance If you've never been to the LEGO store in Disney Springs,[...]

mickey minnie pandora charms

Fall in Love with This New Mickey and Minnie Charm from Pandora

Always remember your happily ever after with the new Disney 'Dancing Mickey and Minnie' @PANDORA_NA Jewelry charm! Debuting at Ever After Jewelry Co. & Accessories TODAY while supplies last. ✨💍👰#ShopDisneySprings pic.twitter.com/PMnhPKP8bg — Disney Springs (@DisneySprings) May 7, 2018 I love Pandora. The beads are charming and fun, and the jewelry is inexpensive but still very […]

disney springs summer 2018 treats

New Instagram-Worthy Treats Now Available in Disney Springs

Who doesn't love food that looks good on social media? Disney seems to be fully aware of this, and they've been rolling out some treats for all you social media mavens out there to check out at Disney Springs!https://twitter.com/DisneySprings/status/992068782523912193As the tweet says, Goofy's Candy Co has released some beautiful treats -- rice crispy treats, candy[...]

star wars bags kipling

The New Kipling x Star Wars Collection is out of This World!

With May the Fourth nearly here, several companies are coming out of the woodwork with their own take on the Star Wars brand. Kipling, a brand formed in 1987, has released their own line of inspired — and fun — Star Wars bags! TODAY—shop the brand-new Star Wars Collection by @KiplingUSA! Join us in-store on May […]

infinity war starbucks disney springs

Disney Springs is Celebrating the Release of Avengers: Infinity War!

With Avengers: Infinity War finally out, Marvel fans at Disney Springs have plenty of ways to celebrate This past weekend, the shopping destination celebrated hard with live performances, photo ops, and more!https://twitter.com/DisneySprings/status/989864255544537088https://twitter.com/DisneySprings/status/990304672945754113https://twitter.com/DisneySprings/status/989957364395794432https://twitter.com/DisneySprings/status/989987565607489537And to much rejoicing, the Starbucks in Disney Springs also got in on the action[...]

millennial pink milkshake disney springs

Nerd Food: This Millennial Pink Milkshake is to Die For

Vivoli il Gelato in Disney Springs has released this decadent -- and downright pretty -- Millennial Pink milkshake This could very easily be one whole meal for a person, but then again, calories don't count at Disney!What are your thoughts on this new color? Would you try this milkshake or any of the other MP[...]