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Legends of Tomorrow
Seems one of the things that got misplaced when the Legends broke time was a baby Dominator… the big ugly creatures from last years Invasion crossover… except the baby version is cute and found by a young Ray Palmer (Jack Fisher) who names it Gumball and has an almost E.T style adventure[...]
Legends of Tomorrow
All Rights Reserved. In tonight's episode, 'Phone Home', the team heads back to 1988 Ivy Town to try and figure out what anachronism kills young Ray Palmer (Jack Fisher). The scene below shows the Ray we know (Brandon Routh) discovering that his younger self has befriended a baby Dominator The Dominators were the race of creatures that[...]
Extended Trailer For Supergirl Lives Includes Familiar Villains And Aliens
James Olsen is becoming more accustomed to being Guardian and we get a look at a pair of aliens and one of them is a Dominator. Supergirl returns January 23rd. The CW has released an extended trailer for the return of Supergirl In an episode called Supergirl Lives directed by Kevin Smith, we see the return[...]