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“Saved by the Bell”: Lark Voorhies “Feels Slighted" Being Ghosted for Sequel Series

"Saved by the Bell": Lark Voorhies "Feels Slighted" By Sequel Series Ghosting

When it comes to the recent Saved by the Bell reunion, one person who was mysteriously absent was Lark Voorhies – who played fashionista Lisa Turtle. Her and Dustin Diamond, who played Samuel "Screech" Powers, were left out of the reunion skit for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon – and now it appears they're being […]

Dustin Diamond In A Serious Role? – Clarity: A Short Film

Jenny Brundage writes for Bleeding Cool: What if Dustin Diamond, best known for his portrayal of Samuel "Screech" Powers on Saved by the Bell, played a serious role in a short film?  What if the lovely, legendary Lynn Lowry played his mom?  What if it was shot on a shoestring, in the Phoenix area, during […]