Saved by the Bell: Peacock's "Best of Lisa Turtle" Clip A Bit Screechy

With a mere few weeks away until the premiere of the Saved by the Bell sequel series, NBC Universal streamer Peacock would like to remind fans of Bayside's most trusted fashion expert in Lisa Turtle (Lark Voorhies). The long-time star was in all but one of the episodes of the original NBC Saturday morning series even as one of four original Good Morning, Miss Bliss cast members to transition. Coming on the heels of Voorhies' upcoming appearance on the series, Peacock released a compilation of clips titled "The Best of Lisa Turtle".

Saved by the Bell sequel series introduces Lark Voorhies (Image: NBCU)
Lark Voorhies as Lisa Turtle in Saved By The Bell (2020). Image courtesy of NBCU

Lisa-Screech Dynamic on Saved by the Bell

Most of the clips featured were from season one and two and also primarily featured co-star Dustin Diamond's Screech. During the entire series run, Screech constantly flirted and pursued Lisa despite turning him down every which way. While mainly played for laughs, the rejections didn't stop his lingering interest. While it might be accepted sitcom fodder in the 90s, it wouldn't work out well within the #MeToo movement especially when his behavior eventually became borderline incel with his jealousy at one point during an episode when Zack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) and Lisa shared a one-time intimate (for Saturday morning) moment.

Two of the scenes selected include the time when Lisa ran up a $400 charge on her father's credit card and her fantasy hovers around the fear if she'll still be "daddy's little girl." Another sequence is when the group goes to a movie theatre and Screech sits next to Lisa and is overly prepared for snacks and drinks he's hidden on himself to share adding to the existing awkwardness between the two. The last memorable clip was when Lisa and Screech were paired up in a dance contest hosted by DJ and voiceover actor Casey Kasem and held at the Max. The two were able to choreograph a sequence despite her bad ankle and eventually "won". What's your favorite Lisa Turtle moment? Does this mean we'll see Diamond return as Screech too? Saved by the Bell premieres on November 25th on Peacock.

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