Need Comics to Read? Dynamite Entertainment Has a Solution

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, this will be the first week in which there are no new comics from major publishers available to read, in comic stores or on digital apps. A lot can be said about how we got into this situation and how fear of change kept the biggest publishers like Marvel, DC, […]

Ash Williams Meets Gene Simmons In New KISS/Army Of Darkness From Dynamite

Dynamite is putting together two of its bestselling brands in KISS/Army of Darkness #1, the debut issue in a new comic book series written by Chad Bowers and Chris Sims (X-Men '92, Deadpool) and illustrated by Ruairi Coleman (Star Wars: Rebels, TMNT Amazing Adventures). In the February issue, KISS is on top of the world and […]

Free On Bleeding Cool – Robert Jordan's The Wheel Of Time #1.5

We've got a free comic book to share with our readers today. This one comes from Dynamite Entertainment and is to help promote their Sword and Sorcery sale going on over at comiXology. The sale is a bundle that includes Pathfinder, Wheel of Time and Path of Exile comics. The bundle is 28 books for $9.99 […]

Writer's Commentary – Ben Fisher Talks The Great Divide #1

A Writer's Commentary: Ben Fisher talks The Great Divide #1, on sale today from Dynamite. Grab your copy and follow along. Cover by Mike Henderson and interiors by Adam Markiewicz. Page 1 I knew from the first draft of the script that I wanted to open with a "man runs into a bar" joke. It sets […]

Jim Balent Drawn, Gene Simmons Approved

With Dynamite's upcoming KISS comic series debuting in October, Broadsword Comics' Jim Balent was tapped to do a retailer exclusive for Midtown Comics focusing on the Demon himself, Gene Simmons. It seems if you draw him, he will come. Balent posted a photos up on his Facebook page showing himself with the bass player / […]

Pathfinder Meets Hyboria, Barsoom, Golarion And More

Erik Mona talks Pathfinder: Worldscape, which combines the Pathfinder world with the sword and sorcery characters from the Dynoverse. Issue one is on sale in October from Dynamite. Covers by Reilly Brown, Ben Caldwell, Sean Izaakse, and Tom Mandrake. BYRON BREWER: Erik, tell us how this multi-franchise book came into being. It reminds me a little […]

Return Of The King(s) – Talking King's Quest From Dynamite

Cliff Biggers writes: In 2013, Dynamite first united some of the most popular heroes in comics history in the limited series King's Watch. In 2015, they brought them back in five interrelated miniseries focusing on each individual hero. And now, in 2016, the band is getting back together again in King's Quest, a four-issue limited […]

Inside Shaft #5 With The Art Of Bilquis Evely

Here we have a look inside the fifth issue of Shaft from Dynamite Entertainment. The pencils are by Bilquis Evely and colored by Daniela Miwa from a script by David Walker. The bodies have been piling up as private detective John Shaft has been searching for the missing Marisol DuPree. Now that he's found her, […]

Interview With Jae Lee And How To Get Yourself Drawn On A Cover

Jae Lee started off in comics working for Marvel on books like Namor and X-Factor. When Image Comics started up, Lee did work for both Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee before launching his own property Hellshock – the story of a fallen angel both written and drawn by Lee. Since then he's worked on such […]

Dynamite Will Not Overprint The Devilers, How Will That Affect Sales?

Dynamite has been pushing their new Creators Unleashed line very hard. They're kicking it off with Joshua Hale Fialkov and his new series The Devilers then followed it up with Peter Milligan's Terminal Hero and Duane Swierczynski's Ex-Con. There is also supposed to be a Rick Remender series announced soon. We've covered The Devilers very […]