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From Earth 2: Worlds End #3, remember any scene set in London, you can always see Big Ben clock tower... The Wicked + The Divine #5 rejects that utterly.
Could "Bullet Training" Be The New "Fridging?" – Earth Two #2 Spoilers
Okay, I gave it a day. Some people complained that yesterday's article about Alan Scott, the as yet-to be Green Lantern of Earth Two, proposing to his boyfriend, was a spoiler I disagreed, stating that if I'd have run the following page it would be a spoiler. That's going to happen now You may want to look[...]
Will Alan Scott, DC's Original Green Lantern, Be Reintroduced As A Gay Man?
But in the comics, the original Green Lantern would also repeatedly reappear, often as an older man. In the DC New 52 books, Alan Scott was reintroduced this month in Earth Two #1, as a young man, and head of GBC Productions. If my assumptions are correct, we will learn of Alan Scott's sexual orientation and his[...]