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Priest Launches E-Book With Unpublished Quantum & Woody Scripts And 'Combative' History
Writer James Priest, formerly known as Priest, Christopher Priest and Jim Owsley, has published an e-book, Klang! featuring unpublished scripts from the original Quantum & Woody run by Valiant/Acclaim and the original first drafts of his scripts from the more recent revival Q2: The Return of Quantum & Woody series published by Valiant Entertainment. The ebook is available[...]
What Bleeding Cool Told You About Disney's Moana This Time Last Year
Some of the other characters are demi-gods and spirits drawn from real mythology. Of course, things can change, but we were also expecting it to come to fruition… not quite so soon. And on that note, Brendon is currently publishing a series of short ebooks under the 221B title, about the person who answers the letters sent[...]
Scott Beatty Writes Ebook Based On His Sherlock Holmes Comic
After the success of their Seal Team Six ebooks by Chuck Dixon, Dynamite continue their digital prose publications by comic book writers with a new Sherlock Holmes Year One story written by Scott Beatty, based on his Sherlock comic book work for Dynamite, for the Kindle. Here's the first chapter… SHERLOCK HOLMES THE TWELVE CAESARS Scott Beatty     BOOK I: A Poison[...]
CRG Launch As Middle Man To Digital Comic Books
Apple requires all digital books to be in an ePub file format. Option 2 Starting at $24 This option CRG Digital will create your ePub file for a fee and distribute your ebook through Cosmic Ray Gun The ebooks will be distributed through the distribution platforms selected If, you are a publisher your publishing label will be noted as[...]
Chuck Dixon's Seal Team Six Number One War Book On Kindle
But maybe it should be. Because Seal Teal Six, an ebook by Chuck Dixon published by Dynamite Entertainment is currently the best selling war book on the Amazon Kindle. Admittedly that means its only number 196 on the whole chart But that's out of over 100,000, so… It's possible the 99 cent price point might help. Oh and there's[...]
DC/Vertigo Releases First Ebook: Fables Novel Available On Kindle, Nook
DC/Veritigo has announced that their first prose novel has just become their first ebook Peter & Max: A Fables Novel by Bill Willingham with illos by Steve Leialoha is now available on Amazon's Kindle service for $7.99 The trade paperback retails for $14.99. Update: The book is available on Barnes & Nobles' Nook service as[...]
Colour E Paper Announced. Comic Books Get Interested
Taiwan company E Ink have announced they new E Ink Triton technology, described as high contrast, sunlight readable, low power colour electronic paper. And Chinese manufacturer Hanvon are announcing they'll be first to market in March with the release of the world's first colour eBook reader, with a ten inch colour touch screen at a $440[...]