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G.I. Joe #7 Preview: Transformers And Soldiers And Bears, Oh My!
Well, now, IDW has provided us with a preview for the issue, which is out this Wednesday. Variant Cover by Ed Luce G.I Joe #7 has the following solicit, as the Crown Jewel of the Hasbro Universe finds its subterranean adventure continuing: "G.I Joe's subterranean mission takes a turn for the worse after the team is attacked by[...]
G I Joe Brings In First Queer Artist For Homoerotic New Variant Cover
Variant Cover by Ed Luce G I Joe comics publishers IDW have shown us here at Bleeding Cool a brand new variant cover for the upcoming G.I.Joe #7, by artist Ed Luce (Wuvable Oaf). G I Joe writer Aubrey Sitterson calls Luce's cover 'one of my absolute favorites to date', as it portrays the Dreadnoks in a[...]
"Urinating With Style" – Queerly Inspired At San Diego Comic-Con
By Joe Glass Now in its 29th years, the Prism Comics organized Gays in Comics panels are a longstanding tradition of the show. Moderated by Roger Klorese and Boom's Shannon Watters, panellists included Roger Rodi, Ed Luce, Tillie Walder, Kat Leigh, Magdalene Visaggio, Justin Hall and Dylan Edwards. The panel discussed many esoteric topics around the theme of[...]
Ed Luce's Wuvable Oaf Gets A Sequel About His Origin For 2016
The Fantagraphics collection of Ed Luce's self published comics featuring an almost-naked hairy wrestling character initially created as a paper doll got nominated for an Ignatz Award and a Diamond Gem Award And it's getting another one as well, in time for next year's lists… Wuvable Oaf: Blood And Metal. The solicit reads, There are metal-heads, cat lovers, and[...]
WonderCon '15 – Talking With Ed Luce About Wuvable Oaf From Fantagraphics
Creator Ed Luce has the Wuvable Oaf collected hardcover coming out from Fantagraphics this month, collecting the first five years of his wildly entertaining comic The wuvable creator was on hand at WonderCon this past weekend and was nice enough to sit down and answer a few of my oafish questions. Cameron Hatheway: Tell me all[...]
There Were Many Directions For New Directions In LGBTQ Comics At Wondercon
At the "New Directions in LGBTQ Comics" panel at Wondercon bright and relatively early on Sunday morning, the room was entirely full and audience very attentive. Panelists included Tommy Kovac (Wonderland through Disney, Skelebunnies, Stitched from Slave Labor Graphics), Ed Luce (OA Fan Anthology, Cat Dandy) Roger Klorese, Shayna Why (Overshare Party) and Josh Trujillo (The[...]