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G I Joe Brings In First Queer Artist For Homoerotic New Variant Cover

Variant Cover by Ed Luce
Variant Cover by Ed Luce

G I Joe comics publishers IDW have shown us here at Bleeding Cool a brand new variant cover for the upcoming G.I.Joe #7, by artist Ed Luce (Wuvable Oaf).

G I Joe writer Aubrey Sitterson calls Luce's cover 'one of my absolute favorites to date', as it portrays the Dreadnoks in a decidedly hyper-masculine throes of wrestling. And as it's the first time a queer creator has tackled these staunchly heterosexual characters and property, it's nice to see Luce play with it a bit with more than a pinch (or should that be headlock?) of homoeroticism.

I mean, that is an olive drab I see in a right pocket there. You know the hanky code, right?

I asked Luce about his approach to this cover:

Aubrey was well aware of my work on Wuvable Oaf and was very excited to see my take on Gung-Ho and Road Pig. Both are big, burly dudes and that's kind of my forte. So I wanted to depict them grappling, getting really physical…gritty and sweaty. The Dreadnoks are some of my favorite characters, so it seemed natural to throw a few more of them into the mix. I've always loved their Road Warrior/heavy metal aesthetic, so that was a pure joy to draw. I started to play with the entangling of bodies, capturing the violence…but in a sensual kind of way. So the hooking of limbs, some of the positions, are deliberately suggestive. In fact, I went a little too far and had to dial back the arching of Ripper's posterior!  It was really fun to find that balance between homoeroticism and, well…playing it "straight".  It's a fine line that pro-wrestling also walks, which is only appropriate for a collaboration between me and Aubrey…we're huge fans of WWE. Lastly, I've always been bothered by how manscaped these hyper-masculine dudes have been, so I made sure several of the combatants were extra furry.

Sounds good to me!

Final Order Cutoff for this issue of G I Joe is approaching on June 12 for the issue, which is coming out July 5. so if you want to get your hands on this hirsute variant, get to your local comic shop now.

Here's the solicit for the issue:

G.I. Joe's subterranean mission takes a turn for the worse after the team is attacked by one of their own! Meanwhile, back in their underground base, Scarlett's command is challenged and a long-simmering rivalry boils to a head! Plus: Monsters, explosions, jokes and more in The Crown Jewel of the Hasbro universe!

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