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Tim Seeley is the New Editor-In-Chief of Heavy Metal Magazine
That of Tim Seeley being appointed Editor-In-Chief. Tim Seeley is the creator of Hack/Slash, as well as co-creator of Revival at Image, Money Shot at Vault and for writing many Batman-related titles for DC Comics He was officially appointed Managing Editor of Heavy Metal back in May last year Grant Morrison was previously announced as Editor-In-Chief,[...]
C.B. Cebulski, Editor-In-Chief Of Marvel Comics
Cebulski has just been made the new Editor-In-Chief of Marvel Comics. Regular readers of Bleeding Cool will know C.B Cebulski well Working for Marvel Comics since the early noughties, he was best known as the Talent Liason — the Marvel manager who would travel the world finding comic book artists at the top of their game[...]
Warren Simons Promoted To Editor-In-Chief At Valiant And The Industry Is Pleased
Not a bad start for any comic company. He has now been promoted to Editor-In-Chief That adds him to a list of EiC's from previous incarnations of Valiant that include Jim Shooter, Bob Layton and Fabian Nicieza Interesting list to be part of. Prior to his time at Valiant, Simons spent seven years at Marvel Comics where[...]