Luc Besson's Europacorp to Adapt Ruiner from Reikon Games

Luc Besson's Europacorp and DJ2 Entertainmnet will be adapting the new video game Runier as a film Europacorp made a pre-emptive move to acquire the film rights to the video game title from Reikon Games They're starting to approach writers and directors with plans to release the project in 2018.Deadline described the game as: "John Wick[...]

Luc Besson's EuropaCorp Buys Rights To Howard Chaykin's American Flagg For TV Show

EuropaCorp has picked up the rights to American Flagg, the satirical comic book by Howard Chaykin.Luc Besson's production company will develop the property for a TV show, according to Deadline Chaykin will executive produce the project.Originally published by First Comics in 1983, other creators to work on the series include Lynn Varney, Steven Grant, J.M[...]

Halloween Director John Carpenter On Mistakes, Luc Besson And Halloween III

It is dizzying and strange, but failed to connect with fans expecting another Michael Myers story.Switching to the horrors of the courtroom, Carpenter said his recent lawsuit against Besson and his company, Europacorp, was spurred on by CanalPlus, co-owners of Escape from New York "They came to me and said, 'Luc Besson ripped you off[...]

Kevin Costner And Amber Heard Get Up To McG Hijinks In New Trailer For 3 Days To Kill

Being a Europacorp picture, it will have a decent French release.And thus, this decent French trailer.[youtube][/youtube]3 Days to Kill will roll out in the US on February 21st The UK release is still floating about and needing to be pinned down, I believe. McG has teamed up with Luc Besson (that, Mr[...]

Luc Besson's Sci-Fi Superheroine Movie Lucy Will Spend EuropaCorp's Biggest Budget To Date

Taken and Leon creator Luc Besson's sci-fi superheroine movie, Lucy, will have the studio's biggest ever budget.According to EuropaCorp CEO Christophe Lambert, as quoted by JeuxActu, they're getting ready to spend:the highest budget in the history of EuropaCorp.. Luc Besson has never put so many special effects in a movie. The FX might explain the hike in budget, though I'm sure[...]

New Taken 2 Trailer (Now In English) – Plus Bonus Featurette

UPDATE: And here's a new English language version of the new Taken 2 trailer. It's so much better when you can actually hear Neeson himself chewing the lines. Now, here's the original story, complete with a featurette on the film. Only one of these videos talks English, but they both talk Taken and, really, it's […]

Guy Pearce, Action Man – Fun New Action Clip From Lock Out

Leger's upcoming Lock Out picture is just a little bit brutal, but it's the kind of slightly silly, inventive action that the best Europacorp pictures are stuffed with I'm looking forward to this film a great deal and every new bit of footage just makes me more confident that there's a good time to be[...]