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Check Out EW's Practically Perfect 'Mary Poppins Returns' Holiday Issue
The holiday issue of Entertainment Weekly will be hitting news stands soon, and it features a practically perfect pair from Mary Poppins Returns on the cover. Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt grace the cover of the new EW issue, as their characters Jack and Ms Poppins respectively. EW gave us a bit of a tease of what we[...]
It clown
The time is getting closer to the September 8th opening of It, the reboot film based on Stephen King's novel from relative newcomer director Andrés Muschietti (his only real prior feature credit was from the 2013 horror film, 2013) How the adaptation works out remains to be seen but the marketing machine continues to roll along[...]
Entertainment Weekly Finally Makes Marvel NOW! Official
Bleeding Cool have had parts of them since February, of course, and a bunch last week but that's the way things go. Here's the proper visual showing off a number of character redesigns for Marvel NOW! from Joe Quesada, which he describes as "the tip of the iceberg" And the EW article, finally online, has a bunch[...]