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We Chat With With Critical Role's Exandria Unlimited: Calamity Cast
Critical Role is about to embark on a new journey tonight as they launch another miniseries event entitled Exandria Unlimited: Calamity Much like they did before, this show will be a mix of familiar faces and new players as they tell a different kind of story This one revolves around the world of Exandria, where[...]
Anjali Bhimani Talks Appearing On Critical Role's Exandria Unlimited
The first of these shows is called Exandria Unlimited: Kymal, which will reunite most of the party from the spinoff series along with a new face, as the party makes their way into an often talked-about but rarely visited region of Kymal Meanwhile, they have a new supplement show on the way called 4-Sided Dive,[...]
Anjali Bhimani Talks Appearing On Critical Role's Exandria Unlimited
This week on Critical Role, the amazing Anjali Bhimani made an appearance on Exandria Unlimited as the fire genasi Fy'ra Rai The appearance is a major deal for the show as it is the first guest appearance on any of their shows (not including any primary cast members) in the studio since the pandemic started[...]
Critical Role Announces Summer Miniseries Exandria Unlimited
This morning during their "State Of The Role" livestream, Critical Role announced a new miniseries for the summer called Exandria Unlimited As the group brought Campaign Two to a close last week, a lot of people were curious about what was next and how long they'd be gone Not too long, it seems, as this[...]