Critical Role Announces Summer Miniseries Exandria Unlimited

This morning during their "State Of The Role" livestream, Critical Role announced a new miniseries for the summer called Exandria Unlimited. As the group brought Campaign Two to a close last week, a lot of people were curious about what was next and how long they'd be gone. Not too long, it seems, as this new show will be a mix of familiar faces and new players set just a decade after Campaign Two ended. This will not be an ongoing campaign like the previous two, this will be a short miniseries to tide fans over the summer with a tale from the same world and a new perspective.

The show will begin airing episodes on Thursday, June 24th at 7pm, and will continue with episodes through the summer on Twitch and YouTube. For those who can't see the show live, they will still follow the same schedule of having two reruns for different regions and work schedules both early and late Friday morning, with the video being uploaded to YouTube on Monday and the podcast version a week later. Here's the official rundown of the show.

A look at the cast of Exandria Unlimited, courtesy of Critical Role.
A look at the cast of Exandria Unlimited, courtesy of Critical Role.

Taking place 30 years after Critical Role's first campaign, Vox Machina, and 10 years after Critical Role's second campaign, The Mighty Nein, this eight-episode mini campaign features a fresh-faced and freshly formed crew of characters who we first meet in Emon, a city still recovering from the scars of the Chroma Conclave attack, nearly 30 years later. While navigating the usual nuances of learning how to work (and play) together as a team, a burning question whispers in the back of the minds of our mixed bag of adventurers, "What is driving me down this path?"

Starring Critical Role newcomers and veteran voice actors Aimee Carrero (Elena of Avalor, She-Ra) and Robbie Daymond (Marvel's Spider-Man, Sailor Moon) along with Critical Role founders and veteran voice actors Ashley Johnson (Critical Role, The Last of Us Part I and II), Liam O'Brien (Critical Role, Star Wars: The Bad Batch, Carmen Sandiego) and Matthew Mercer (Critical Role, Overwatch), led by Storycrafter and Game Master Aabria Iyengar (Happy Jacks RPG, Saving Throw, Hyper RPG, Dimension 20), the stories that unfold within Exandria Unlimited are considered 100% canon and will affect future environments and timelines across the overall lore of Critical Role.

As to the state of the show itself, Mercer along with Marisha Ray and Travis Willingham confirmed Campaign Three is in the early planning stages. So yes, they are coming back with a new campaign in Exandria at another point in time. But since it is so early in development, a lot of things weren't answered. First off, we don't know when it will begin, the best guess would be sometime this Fall. Second, we have no clue if they'll keep the social distancing look of the show and Exandria Unlimited, or if they will return to the table. The third, and the most important one that's been persistent on social media for a few months now, is whether the entire cast will return or not.

As of the time we were writing this piece, we have made inquiries but have not received a solid confirmation that all eight cast members will return for Campaign Three. But honestly, we can't really see any of them leaving the show since they're all tied into the workings of the production company at some level and probably make money off it like any other job. That said, they all also have voice-acting roles and other work they do as actors in Hollywood. Would it be surprising if someone left with the show riding high, multiple projects in the works, and an animated series on the way? Absolutely. But it could definitely be a possibility. We really won't know until someone says something, which could happen with the Talks Machina Campaign Two Wrap-Up hosted by Brian Foster on Thursday, June 17th at 7pm PT.

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