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Expendables 3 To Feature Time Travel? Go To Mars? Stallone Drops Us A Hint…

Our monkey man Patrick Dane is fresh out of today's The Expendables 2 junket and has been straight onto the mobile internet to send us a key quote from Sylvester Stallone That's how movie blogging works now, don't you know?Anyway, here's the set up Stallone was talking about recruiting a cast for The Expendables 3,[...]

First Clip From The Expendables 2 Is A Bit Creaky

The happier we are in our assumptions about where everybody is, how fast they're moving and in which direction, the better the sequence "feels." Sadly, there's not much polish or precision to the some of the staging and editing in this sequence from The Expendables 2, particularly in the first chunk......oh, and then it ends on[...]

One Minute TV Spot For The Expendables

Here are sixty whole seconds of this year's wrinkled throwback to the stuntathons of yore. The Girl Expendable (aka Expendable-ette, Ms. Expendable or Expendablady) doesn't seem to be getting much of a look in. Why doesn't she get her own goldy looking title card?

The Planet Hollywood Boys Open Fire In An Image From The Expendables 2

The Expendables 2 ups the ante somewhat - not only does Part 1's Jet Li return, Yu Nan has joined as the first lady Expendable, Maggie Double value.But at the heart of the thing, still pumps old Hollywood blood Emphasis on old.As if to prove my point, here's a trio of Superstar restaurant pitchmen, firing[...]

Expendables 3 To Start Shooting Later This Year, Apparently

Still, thanks to Dark Horizons for the embed.The key quote is simply: Probably gonna start shooting Expendables 3 here in the fall after Expendables 2 comes out in August. Here's hoping that The Expendables 2 leaves us all wanting a third instalment.I think Couture's best film to date is David Mamet's Redbelt It's not "the Randy Couture[...]

The First Poster For The Expendables 2 Is Bloody Ridiculous

I don't understand who this picture of silly facial expressions and the hollow tropes of machismo is supposed to appeal to, but it certainly isn't me. I hope they leave the credit block EXACTLY LIKE THAT. Thanks to Joblo for the image. I love a good action film. Some good action films have had posters […]