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Netflix Acquires Rob Liefeld's Extreme Universe for Film Options
Credit (left):Luigi Novi [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia CommonsIn the never-ending battle for original content between the networks, cable channels, and streaming services, Netflix is investing further in comic book fare with a seven-figure rights deal for Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld's Extreme Universe of characters Akiva Goldsman (Ology series, Transformers spin-offs) will be tasked with creating[...]
Marat Mychaels
These are the best types of stories from San Diego Comic-Con. Yesterday'ss Extreme Comics panel took an unexpected turn when comic artist Marat Mychaels proposed to his girlfriend Mandy Burden In his proposal, Marat spoke of his connection with Rob Liefeld, his 23-year relationship with the studio, and how Mandy would be the second half of his[...]
Rob Liefeld Reminisces About Giving Folks Their Big Breaks
Part of the relaunch of Extreme Comics is a new Bloodstrike series Rob Liefeld posted some images from the second issue to his Facebook page to showcase a new colorist named Anthony George In doing so he also recalled how many other's he opened the door for. One of the greatest feelings in comic books is[...]
Late Night Fun – How Different Artist Interpret The Same Layout
Here is the set up in his own words: In March of 1996 Rob Liefeld ran a storyline called "HATE" in all Extreme titles He (or editor Eric Stephenson, or both) asked me to lay out pages 7 and 8 which would appear in each book This is my original layout and then, different artist's interpretations[...]
Fanboy Rampage: Rob Liefeld Vs Stephen Platt
Stephen Platt was a comic artist who rose to prominence in the nineties, first drawing Moon Knight for Marvel and then Prophet for Rob Liefeld at Image/Extreme Studios and then his own book, Soul Saga He was… rather popular, though not exactly prodigious in his output He went to work in movies, and recently returned[...]
Rob Liefeld Brings Back Extreme – The Nineties Are Officially Back
We're firmly back in the nineties aren't we? And if you needed any more proof, Rob Liefeld is bringing back the Extreme brand, through Image Comics He tweets; Extreme studios fans, yesterday was full of business that prepares for a huge Extreme return Been cooking this up w/Image for MONTHS! Which Extreme title do you[...]