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Celeste Developer Offers Tips &#038 Tricks To Beating The Game

"Celeste" Developer Offers Tips & Tricks To Beating The Game

But how many of them came from a developer of the game? Maddy Thorson, the mind behind Matt Makes Games and Extremely OK Games, and the co-creator of the successful indie platformer decided to do something cool this week While there are a great many people under self-quarantine from the coronavirus looking for something to[...]

Chapter Nine Of Celeste Arrives On September 9th

Chapter Nine Of "Celeste" Arrives On September 9th

The news came down from a brand new company called Extremely OK Games, which is the new gaming company founded by Celeste creator Matt Thorson, which will replace Matt Makes Games In the first blog post about the new company, they revealed all of the DLC details, including the fact it will be free and[...]