fabian wagner

Superman cries in anguish at the thought of a Justice League devoid of Zack Snyder's vision before the release of the Snyder Cut.

Justice League Theatrical Cut Was So Bad It Made Zack Snyder's Cinematographer Cry

It also made Zack Snyder's cinematographer, Fabian Wagner, cry, like Superman after snapping Zod's neck in Man of Steel before making out with Lois Lane in the wreckage of Metropolis.In a serious and definitely not joking interview with ComicBook Debate as transcribed by fried chicken website ComicBook.com, Wagner revealed that he had indeed seen the[...]

So, About Those Black Suit Superman Scenes in Justice League…

The saga of what ruined Justice League and who's at fault continues! One of the biggest complaints about the movie is that Warner Bros and alleged fake feminist Joss Whedon destroyed Zack Snyder's vision by cutting out all the great Snyder scenes and replacing them with Whedon scenes featuring humorous dialogue like "Booyah!" One of[...]