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The Fabulous Killjoys Returns From Gerard Way This October
Gerard Way is back with a new Fabulous Killjoys series, which combines his music with My Chemical Romance and his reinvention as a full-time comics writer The MCR album Danger Days was inspired by an untold story that the band had conceived, with the first The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys series serving as a sequel[...]
Gerard Way And Gabriel Bá To Bring Back Umbrella Academy In 2014
There have been Daytrippers and Fabulous Killjoys since But now, according to My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way, the Doom Patrol-esque Umbrella Academy is coming back next year… So I got a really nice email from Gabriel Ba the other day, he's an amazing comic artist who was the artist on Umbrella Academy.. — Gerard Way (@gerardway) December[...]
Fifteen Thoughts About Fifteen Comics – Darkness, Ghosted, Storm Dogs, Eerie, Great Pacific, X, Fabulous Killjoys, Breath Of Bones, Avengers Arena, Wolverine, Nightwing, Superior Spider-Man, East Of West, Peter Panzerfaust And America's Got Powers
To be fair, both are probably bad. And in Great Pacific, there are some things in bed no one wants to wake up to. And X#3 solves that pesky problem of adult masturbation in one. The highly sexually charged True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys rather chooses to plump for the future bureaucratic despair of getting a new[...]
Mysterious Strangers Draws Significant Advance Reorders – Superman Unchained, Batman Zero Year,  Astro City, Fabulous Killjoys And Six Gun Gorilla Don't Do Badly Either
Superman Unchained, Batman Zero Year,  Astro City, Fabulous Killjoys and Six Gun Gorilla all benefit from that, and retailers look minded to up their orders on Image and Vertigo launches, Ghosted and Collider. And for books that have already been published, a new print of Johnny The Homicidal Maniac is gathering many, many orders, as retailers[...]
The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys Vs Six Gun Gorilla
There are elements of the recent Prophet revival here, but far closer to our world and experiences. And then on top of that there's a underlying note of the idea of the creator of a character, specifically with a character who no one seems to know who created him, the Six Gun Gorilla, which underlines the[...]
FCBD 2013 Hits eBay – Fabulous Killjoys Already Getting Bids Of $33 (UPDATE)
Not everyone can get to a comic shop today for Free Comic Book Day. Which is how Stan Lee's Chakra The Invincible is attracting bids of $5 already. And how the Walking Dead FCBD 2013 volume, featuring stories that have previously appeared in Walking Dead comic but have not been collected in the trades, is getting bids[...]
The Fabulous Killjoys With Gerard Way In June. Honest.
It was only announced in 2009 after all.  A mere blip ago. The Fabulous Killjoys by Gerard Way, Shaun Simon, and Becky Cloonan is out in June Honest They promise You'll get a glimpse with Free Comic Book Day in May, and thn get the full immersive experience one month later. Let's just let them say their[...]
Two More Free Comic Book Day 2013 Titles From Dark Horse And IDW
And their FCBD version will have the Brian Bolland Judge Death stories and some never-previously-coloured Walter The Wobot strips. And, as well as the Star Wars/Captain Midnight/Avatar The Last Airbender FCBD Gold book we mentioned earlier, Dark Horse will also have at the Silver level, a RIPD/Fabulous Killjoys/Mass Effect free comic. First up, an all-ages adventure! Star[...]
Becky Cloonan, The Fabulous Killjoys And Getting Help
It was important for Cloonan to have her be powerful, scary, and still beautiful in her version of the character. The talk about Conan was short as this is when Cloonan made the announcement that about three years after the first announcement of it, she'd be jumping off of Conan to start work on Gerard Way's[...]