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Some Added Incentives for Family Tree #2 and Undiscovered Country #2
That would include Family Tree #2 – retailers who order at least 70% of their orders for Family Tree #1 will qualify for a 25% free overship of their order for issue #2 Which means they will basically get the same amount of copies for #2 as they did for #1 – but for a[...]
"Family Tree" #1: Botanical Post Apocalypse Tale Off with a Bang (Review)
In the opening pages of Jeff Lemire's excellent new comic, Family Tree, we are introduced to Loretta She's a single mom with two kids The youngest, Meg, is precocious and inquisitive, while the oldest, Josh, has a knack for getting in trouble Loretta has to leave work early to get Josh from school, who just[...]
Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases for October 8-14, 2019
Check out the full list of video game releases below, choose your titles wisely, and as always; have fun! Credit: Good Shepherd Entertainment October 8th Aldred – Knight of Honor (Switch) The Alliance Alive HD Remastered (PS4, Switch) Asphalt 9: Legends (Switch) CHIKARA: Action Arcade Wrestling (PC) Call of Cthulhu (Switch) Concrete Genie (PS4) DODGE HARD (Switch) Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2 (XB1) In Between (PS4) Indivisible[...]
Image previews
Family Tree is a new series launching from Image Comics in November that's been a long time coming, announced a few years ago from Jeff Lemire and Phil Hester And now we have a look ahead at the first few pages of the first issue… FAMILY TREE #1 (MR) (W) Jeff Lemire (A/CA) Phil Hester, Ryan Cody,[...]
Image to Finally Publish Jeff Lemire and Phil Hester's Family Tree
The Family Tree is a comic about a girl who transforms into a tree, which is upsetting to her parents, who take a road trip to try to find a cure By Jeff Lemire and Phil Hester, this "genre-defying" comic was first announced back at Emerald City Comic-Con in 2017, but the first issue is[...]
Ed Piskor's Hip-Hop Family Tree To Go Monthly From Fantagraphics
The Hip-Hop Family Tree books from Ed Kiskor, telling a history of hip hop music through the imagery of comic books of the time has been a successful and critically acclaimed series of graphic novels. But now Fantagraphics are "uncollecting" the books into a monthly comic book series featuring new material, with thirteen issues already in[...]
Spider-Man To The Hulk – Peculiar Comic Book Family Trees
Well, it looks like they have the family trees to match Here is how you get from Spider-Man to the Hulk… Superhero comic books, it has been often said, are like soap operas Well, it looks like they have the family trees to match Here is how you get from Spider-Man to the Hulk… [...]