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Cover image for FATHOM THE CORE #1 CVR B TRAN
Aspen MLT crowdfunded the return of Michaal Turner's Fathom, as Fathom: Core earlier in the year, as a 48-page one-shot from Vince Hernandez, Mark Roslan, and Alex Konat They are now making the comic available to comic book stores as a two-issue mini-series, starting in November. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 33%; } #gallery-1 img[...]
There we were, about to run Aspen Press' June 2020 solicitations, with Soulfire: Exiled #2 and Fathom Vol 9 #3, when the word came through Aspen Press is to suspend all comic book publication indefinitely This is the first major comic book publisher to declare such action, but Bleeding Cool understands it won't be the[...]
Fathom #2 Is Worth the Read, but May Confuse Newer Fans
Fathom issue one hardly holds your hand on character re-introduction, with Vince Hernandez (Kiani) diving (yes, there will be puns here) right back in to the world Michael Turner so meticulously built.  In the first issue, Killian returns to Aspen to entice her back to the Blue.  When she rejects his megalomaniac ideology, Kilian releases[...]
Sideshow has partnered with Aspen Comics to create a new Premium Format Figure based on Aspen Matthews from the company's flagship series Fathom. Created by the late Michael Turner, the character is a marine biologist who discovers she has fantastical aquatic powers that tie into her mysterious past Aspen first appeared in the Fathom Preview from[...]
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] I originally knew Fathom as those swimsuit-cover comics from the local comic shops I go to (Heroes in Newnan and Dr No's in Marietta, plugged!) They weren't for me I don't go for cheesecake; it's one of the many things that turns me off to the Harley Quinn comic. Reading All-New Fathom #7, I was[...]
ComicBlitz, The Digital Comic Version Of Netflix Launches
At this point there are over 2,000 comics (or over 50,000 pages) for readers to see including Bloodshot, Red Sonja, Fathom, Grimm Fairy Tales and The Little Prince.   The company is working with Valiant, Dynamite, Zenescope, Action Lab, Aspen, Red 5, Alterna and more The app is only available on iOS devices at this time. "We want[...]
Free Hallowe'en Comics On October 25th – Secret Wars, Angry Birds, Afterlife With Archie, Batman, Rachel Rising, Princeless, Extinction Parade, Resident Evil, Fathom And More
Gasp in horror as Riverdale faces an impending zombie Arch-pocalypse in this reprint of the award-winning, sold-out first issue! But be warned, kiddies, this one's not for the faint of heart! For TEEN+ readers. 32pgs, B&W ASPEN MLT MICHAEL TURNER'S FATHOM: THE ADVENTURES OF ERNIE—HCF 2014 EDITION (W) Vince Hernandez (A/CA) Agnes Garbowska A completely brand new and unexpected Fathom[...]
Aspen Comics Talks New Titles At Long Beach Comic Expo
By Michele Brittany, a West Coast Bleeding Cool Correspondent Founded in 2003 by Michael Turner, Aspen Comics is one of the larger publishers on the West Coast with their flagship titles being the long-running series, Fathom and Soulfire Saturday afternoon several of the publishers' key personnel were on hand for the Official Aspen Comics Long Beach[...]
Top 100 Comics And Top 100 Graphic Novels For July 2013
Here's a look at the top 100 comic books and graphic novels for July 2013… DC may have most 6 of the top 10 but Marvel has 13 of the top 20, which is why DC isn't completely dominating Marvel in July's statistics…. The highest non Marvel is Walking Dead at number 12, which is threatening to[...]
BC Mag #5: Fathom Reborn
Bleeding Cool Magazine article by David Marks Aspen Matthews, the SoCal-fem inspired protagonist of Michael Turner's Fathom, may not be as familiar to the world as Wolverine, but she is as recognizable as any superhero to the long box collector, convention goer, and comic shop regular As covered in previous issues of Bleeding Cool Magazine, Aspen[...]
BC Mag #2: Triumph Over Tragedy
"His creations, Fathom and Soulfire, are the flagships of our company, and how he conducted himself personally and in business still factor into our decisions." You can find the full article in Bleeding Cool Magazine #2 at a comics retailer near you  Here is the Bleeding Cool Directory of retailers who have shown special support to[...]
Fathom Preview
A few pencilled pages from Fathom #8 from Aspen Comics, written by David Wohl and drawn by newcomer Alex Konat… A few pencilled pages from Fathom #8 from Aspen Comics, written by David Wohl and drawn by newcomer Alex Konat… A few pencilled pages from Fathom #8 from Aspen Comics, written by David[...]
Ten For Ten From Aspen In 2013
Art Adams is doing the cover for the first issue – this is the first time that Adams has worked with Aspen. Fathom Kiani is coming back with the return of the Kiani who died in the past book Aspen promises that they are setting up for what they think is the largest story in the[...]