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Batman Ninja Gets First Teaser, Images From DC, Warner Bros. Japan
No English voice cast has been announced for the dubbed Blu-ray/DVD version, though some familiar voices from previous Batman animated projects are expected to be involved. Credit: Warner Bros. Though no official synopsis for the Batman Ninja has been released, the teasers show us the eternal Batman/Joker conflict taking place in feudal Japan[...]
Land Of The Rising Dead – A Zombie Apocalypse in Feudal Japan
LAND OF THE RISING DEAD, written by Ben Laverock and illustrated by Scott Dewey. Close Date: October 20, 2015; Publishing Date: PDF December 2015; Tangible Rewards: February 2016. Elevator Pitch: Feudal Japan has been unified under the Tokugawa shogunate, and the era of the Warring States has finally come to an end Yet there is little repose; a[...]