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War Of The Visions Launches A Final Fantasy X Collaboration
Square Enix has launched a special collaboration with Final Fantasy X in War Of The Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius As part of the game's ongoing anniversary celebration, the collaboration event kicked off today with several quests and rewards themed on FFX, as you can now collect the fan-favorite protagonist, Tidus, and add them to their[...]
[REVIEW] Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster on Switch
credit// Square Enix [rwp_box_recap id="0"] Square Enix's Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster has been around since 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita However, the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions of the remaster are relatively new Which is a bit of a problem, as the HD remaster still doesn't fix some of the biggest problems with[...]
Final Fantasy X/ X-2 Remaster Drops a New Trailer
Square Enix has released a new trailer for the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster today to re-introduce fans to both Tidus and Yuna, as well as the world of Spira. In Final Fantasy  X/X-2 HD Remaster, players will get to experience two unique tales of adventure and excitement As always in the Final Fantasy series, heroes Tidus and Yuna[...]
Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remaster and XII: The Zodiac Age Coming to Switch and Xbox One
Both Final Fantasy X / X-2 Remaster and Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age will be released on Switch and Xbox One this April. FF X / X-2 will release on April 16th, 2019 for both platforms while FFXII will follow on April 30th, 2019. To celebrate the announcement, Square Enix has released new artwork by Akihiko Yoshida which you can[...]
Mobius Final Fantasy Receives a Final Fantasy X Collaboration for Anniversary
Today, Square Enix revealed plans for Mobius Final Fantasy's second anniversary, as they will be doing a collaboration with Final Fantasy X There's a huge chunk of information to take in about this as there are plans for it that will span all the way into November, so we have all the details they sent out[...]
Final Fantasy Art Director Isamu Kamikokuryo Has Left Square Enix
You may not know his name, but you definitely know his work. Isamu Kamikokuryo has served as the art director on Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XIII, and Final Fantasy XV among many, many others He announced on Friday that he had left Square Enix after an incredibly successful career. 後ろ髪を引かれる気持ちもありますがこれから新めて絵を描く事に向き合いたいと思います。今後はフリーランスでアートやディクションの仕事をしながら、作家活動も復活させたいと思っています。長い間私の絵を見てくれ支えてくれたスタッフの皆様、ユーザーの皆様、本当にありがとうございました。 — 上国料 勇 / Isamu Kamikokuryo (@kamikoku2009) April[...]
Sweet Release! Project Cars, Disney Infinity 2.0 Vita, Invisible Inc, Final Fantasy X-X2 Re-Master
This week Square Enix has seen fit to re-master a re-master with Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Re-master: Limited Edition.  Yes dear friends it's a re-mastering of a re-mastered game from only a year ago.  The overall package itself isn't awful, containing HD re-masters of the popular PlayStation 2 role playing games.  Something something ancient evil…something something plucky hero…something something lederhosen.  Both games fall[...]
Bleeding Cosplay – From Sleeping Beauty To Kill Bill
Like these folks did. To see more of Ian's cosplay coverage be sure to follow him on Tumblr for all the latest in cosplay tutorials, pictures and convention updates. Kirin armor (Monster Hunter) : Medowsweet ( Photographer: N8e cosplay photography ( Callisto (Xena Warrior Princess) : TophWei ( Quinn (League of Legends) : CrystalPanda ( Photographer: GQBravo ( Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)[...]
Bleeding Cosplay – From Arkham Origins To Winter Soldier
Like these folks did. To see more of Ian's cosplay coverage be sure to follow him on Tumblr for all the latest in cosplay tutorials, pictures and convention updates. Chell (Portal) :  Cayden Vierra ( Photographer: Scott Bromley Photography Black Mask (Arkham Origins) : Crimson Coscrafts ( Photographer: Johnnie & Todd's Den ( Draenei Shaman Tier 14 (World of Warcraft)[...]
Bleeding Cosplay – From Shredder To Catbug
( Martin Wong ( Lulu (Final Fantasy X) : Gixye ( Photographer : Byza ( Naruto & Naruko Sexy no jutsu (Naruto) : Ooonaruto-chanooo ( & NaruGoldilocks ( Photographer : Dark-Uke ( Ritualist (Guild Wars) : Livia Zita ( Photographer : Eva and Brigitta Lokay Motoko (Ghost in the Shell) : Crystal Graziano ( Photographer : BigWhiteBazooka ( Ada Wong (Resident Evil)[...]