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Final Fantasy XV
This week we have a pretty decent mix of video game releases across all the major consoles and PC, not to mention a few notable portable titles make their way out this month. Take a look at what's on the market this week, choose your games wisely, and as always; have fun!
Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition Announced and PC Version Dated
On top of this, a couple of new bosses, a dungeon and a boat will be added to the game. Here is a trailer for you to gawk at. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: FINAL FANTASY XV ROYAL EDITION- Announcement Trailer ( What's more than that though, is that the release of the collection will[...]
Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition Leaks on the ESRB Website
  It looks like we'll be getting another edition of Final Fantasy XV according to the a new rating for "Final Fantasy XV Royal EditionI" posted by the ESRB No further information is known about Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition, but you can check out the rating summary below:   This is an action role-playing game (RPG) in which players control a prince[...]