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BOOM! to Publish a Firefly Comic Starring Nathan Fillion's Mom
Firefly, the television show, may have been prematurely canceled, but the franchise has lived on in other mediums thanks to the undying support of the show's hardcore fanbase, colloquially known as firebronies, who relentlessly campaign for it to be brought back Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios is more than happy to oblige, and their latest comic[...]
5 Pages From September's Firefly #9
We've got a fun Friday treat for all the Firebronies out there (that's the colloquial term for hardcore fans of the canceled television show Firefly) We've got this five-page preview of next month's Firefly #9 from explosive publisher BOOM! Studios for your enjoyment From the creative team of Greg Pak and Dan McDaid, and with[...]
ATTN Firebronies: Get Your First Look at Firefly #5
Despite that premature cancellation, Firefly has lived on by sheer force of will of its hardcore fans, who refer to themselves as Firebronies. The next issue, by writer Greg Pak and artist Dan McDaid, with consulting by Whedon, is set to hit stores on April 24th, and features covers by Lee Garbett, Joe Quinones, W[...]
Josh Lee Gordon and Francesco Mortarino Reveal the Secret Origin of Saffron in Firefly: Bad Company
Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios continues to cater to Firebronies, the hardcore fangroup dedicated to Joss Whedon's prematurely canceled space Western TV series, Firefly The company announced a new oversized one-shot by writer Josh Lee Gordon and artist Francesco Mortarino starring Saffron, the character played by Christina Hendricks on the show. The press release reveals more details on[...]
Firebronies: Gaze Upon Your First Look at Greg Pak and Dan McDaid's Firefly #1
The long wait is almost over for firebronies, the hardcore fans of Joss Whedon's prematurely canceled space Western, Firefly Firefly is finally set to return… as a new comic book series at BOOM! Studios Written by Greg Pak with art by Dan McDaid and story consulting by Whedon himself, Firefly #1 is set to hit[...]
Bleeding Cool contributor Jude Terror likes to call Firefly and Serenity fans by the phrase "Firebronies" rather than the more popular term, "Browncoats" He did it on the Outhouse, he has continued doing it here. It utterly pierces the seriousness that some fans take this comedy sci-fi show and movie, who insist on Browncoats — the nickname[...]
It's Really Happening: Nathan Fillion is Finally Back in Firefly Role
For the long-suffering hardcore fans of the prematurely canceled space Western from alleged fake feminist Joss Whedon, Firefly, known colloquially as "firebronies," an end to the misery of living without their treasured favorite show is finally in sight… sort of! Star Nathan Fillion, who firebronies once tried to raise the money and buy the rights to[...]
Firefly Returns!
Hardcore fans of the 2002 Joss Whedon space western show Firefly, known by the colloquial term Firebronies, finally have a reason to rejoice! Firefly was prematurely canceled after only one season and could not be brought back from the dead despite more than a decade of campaigning, though it has spawned a 2005 movie and[...]
Firebronies Help Get Alan Tudyk Nominated For Best Writer In The Ringo Awards
But if you were missing that kind of behaviour, it looks like the firebronies, or browncoats if you prefer, have helped the actor and creator of Con Man, Alan Tudyk be nominated for Best Writer He is credited on a couple of copies of Spectrum published in 2016, the spinoff comic from Con Man, and he is[...]
Bad news for "firebronies," the dedicate fans of Joss Whedon's ill-fated space Western, Firefly The series has been canceled again, this time by streaming service Netflix, which will stop streaming Firefly along with other Whedon shows Buffy and Angel in April The news comes as Netflix has revealed its entire slate of arriving and departing[...]