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Firefly Returns!

Hardcore fans of the 2002 Joss Whedon space western show Firefly, known by the colloquial term Firebronies, finally have a reason to rejoice! Firefly was prematurely canceled after only one season and could not be brought back from the dead despite more than a decade of campaigning, though it has spawned a 2005 movie and some comic books. Now, it looks like fans will finally get their wish because Firefly is coming back!

*firebronies cheer in adulation*

As a series of books!


Okay, look, yes, a series of books isn't as good as good as purchasing the TV rights with a crowdfunding campaign, gifting them to Nathan Fillion, and getting the cast back together for a long-awaited second season, but it's better than nothing, right?

Entertainment Weekly has the listing of upcoming offerings from Titan Books, which will be in the official canon of the Firefly universe and be overseen by Joss Whedon himself.

Firefly: Big Damn Hero, by Nancy Holder (Oct. 2018)
Captain Malcolm Reynolds finds himself in a dangerous situation after being kidnapped by a bunch of embittered veteran Browncoats.

Firefly: The Magnificent Nine, by James Lovegrove (March 2019)
Jayne receives a distress call from his ex Temperance McCloud that leads the Serenity crew to danger on a desert moon.

Firefly: Generations, by Tim Lebbon (Oct. 2019)
The discovery of the location of one of the legendary Ark ships that brought humans from Earth to the 'Verse promises staggering salvage potential, but at what cost? River Tam thinks she might know …

Firefly Returns!

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