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Grace Randolph's Between The Pages – X-Men: Days Of Future Past
Ian McKellen may have originated the role of Magneto in X-Men, X2, and X-Men The Last Stand, but Michael Fassbender definitely made it his own in X-Men First Class Host Grace Randolph, from Beyond The Trailer, and guest Alan Kistler talk about the history of Magneto aka Erik Lensherr and his relationship with the X-Men,[...]
Want To See X-Men First Class For Free?
Take a photo of it, upload it to Twitter with the hashtag #xmenexpo, and you'll be entered into a draw to win a free seat for a screening of X-Men: First Class in London. Or, watch for other people tweeting the photo, copy it and tweet it yourself Saves you a lot of work. In other related[...]
VIDEO: We Just Saw X-Men First Class
I just went to see X-Men First Class with the good lady wife and Tom Daylight from the Bleeding Cool boards Post show, we popped into the nearby Pizza Hut (it's Leicester Square, what are you going to do) and Tom and I… well we kind of geeked out while good lady wife held the[...]
What Kind Of Mutant Insurance Do You Need?
The Famers Insurance TV ad, in conjunction with X-Men: First Class I wish more advertising campaigns were so imaginative with their cross-pollination use… [youtube][/youtube] I'm seeing X-Men: First Class tonight I'll tell you how it goes… The Famers Insurance TV ad, in conjunction with X-Men: First Class[...]
Exclusive: X-Men First Class International Trailer
It's X-Men: First Class.  It's a trailer It's international And wherever you are, you've seen it here first Make with the clicky. We know there's been an American trailer recently released And this is similar, certainly But it also has footage you haven't seen anywhere else I'll let Brendon tell you what – and why it's[...]
X-Men First-Class Interview With Lucas Till, Our Big Screen Havok
In X-Men First Class, he plays Alexander Summers, better known as Havok. Bleeding Cool: Are you, or have you ever been, a comic book reader? Lucas Till: Only recently, actually Here and there, but I never got into any of the series when I was younger For this movie, Fox gave us, each of us, whole[...]