Want To See X-Men First Class For Free?

Attendees of the MCM London Expo this weekend may want to keep their mutant eyes on stalks peeled. Somewhere in the show, there will be a very official looking "X" shape. Take a photo of it, upload it to Twitter with the hashtag #xmenexpo, and you'll be entered into a draw to win a free seat for a screening of X-Men: First Class in London.

Or, watch for other people tweeting the photo, copy it and tweet it yourself. Saves you a lot of work.

In other related news, it seem that Hong Kong advertising for the movie has turned to a bunch of reprobate Western blogs for quotes. Well, we're easy dates, aren't we. HitFix, Collider, Blogomatic 3000, /Film and us.

So, um, anyone tell us what Bleeding Cool is saying?

Want To See X-Men First Class For Free?

UPDATE: Apparently we said "An exciting film with lots of surprises". Strangely we can't find that in any of our posts…

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