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The Returning, A New Comic For Boom From Jason Starr And Andrea Mutti

From what I can gather, the book is about people coming back from near death experiences and losing their minds upon their return.Flatliners meets The Returned.And here is a Frazer Irving cover image we believe is from the comic...  Boom! has launched a number of original non-licensed titles through 2013, including Polarity, Day Men, Six-Gun[...]

Mutant Lovers Protest March At The University Of Michigan

Recently we saw the Britain's Better With Mutants campaign in X-Men Legacy, and how it contrasted with the mutant hate in the America-set mutant books from Marvel.Today's Uncanny X-Men puts that straight, with a cosplay pro-mutant march at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, with Frazer Irving giving us trees that look like mushroom[...]

Frazer Irving's Grant Morrison's Annihilator

Frazer Irving first drew Grant Morrison's comics for Seven Soldiers with Klarion, Since then, he's been seen on Batman Inc and the like And now he's drawn the cover for Annihilator for Legendary.Announced last year, no publication date has been announced But here's the bumf. Hellraising screenwriter Ray Spass has one last chance to restore himself to[...]

Cammy's Covers – Fearless Defenders To Winter Soldier

Polarity #3 by Frazer IrvingA nice modern twist on the classic M.C Escher piece Drawing Hands, Irving presents us with a magnificently creepy yin and yang with this cover Who is drawing who? This is like an eerie version of Harold and the Purple Crayon for a more mature audience I do like the sketchbook[...]

Frazer Irving On Uncanny X-Men

Yay! Frazer Irving of Iron Man, Batman And Robin, Shade, Gutsville and Civil Wardrobe is joining Brian Bendis on Uncanny X-Men in April...Of late, Frazer's work has specialised in taking finished inks and digitally manipulating them into painted work It's dense, textured work with an eye for the overall design And, you know, really nice.Courtesy[...]

Thursday Runaround – Time And Motion Study

At the end  of the mod, I track my progress in a notebook." SpencerWatch: Frazer Irving shows off the third cover to Bedlam. In keeping with the colour scheme and spooky face motif I approached this one with the intent to echo imagery seen in the first issue It’s nice to have covers actually relate to the[...]

Win Big With Bleeding Cool's Sucker Punch Art Competition

All of these things are coveted by creatives and artistic geniuses, such people as yourselves.And we'll be awarding all of the above to our first place winner.Here's the prize lithograph, hanging out at WB:This winner will be the person who does the best Sucker Punch homage illustration as judged by Frazer Irving, the Batman and[...]

Frazer Irving's Cover For Kultus

This is the cover to Richard Ford’s Kultus, a fantasy novel from Rebellion’s SF/Fantasy imprint Solaris scheduled for around this time next year.And the illustration in question is straight from the boards of Batman And Robin/Gutsville/Judge Death artist Frazer Irving.The book solicitation reads; Thaddeus Blaklok – mercenary, demonist, bastard and thug-for-hire – is pressed into retrieving[...]

Win! Tickets To Sci-Fi London's Special Event Including A Screening Of Monsters

If you aren't lucky, or if you want more than two tickets, here are the salient details: Times: 18.30-22.00 | Ages: 18+ | Tickets: £15 Book online (or tel: 020 8312 6608) By the way, the image at the head of the post is Frazer Irving's US poster for Monsters, courtesy of MTV The UK release dates are different -[...]