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Riverdale Season 3 Episode 6: Manhunter Recap

Riverdale Season 3, Episode 6: "Manhunter" Recap

Archie is out, Veronica is trying to prove his innocence, Betty is interrogating people in the speakeasy, and Jughead is still wrapping his head around his meeting with the Gargoyle King Throw in about 4,286 other little subplots and while this season had been enjoyable so far, its probably time to start bringing some of[...]

Riverdale Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: The Midnight Club

Riverdale Season 3, Episode 4 Recap: "The Midnight Club"

It all leads to what they refer to as Ascension Night, which they were all invited to be the Gargoyle King Hmm Marty Mantle gives everyone drugs called Fizzle Rocks (at least it is not Jingle Jangle) and their "dark dopplegangers come out", basically meaning they are really high and do a bunch of silly[...]

Riverdale Season 3 Episode 2 Fortune and Mens Eyes Recap: The Longest Yard

Riverdale Season 3, Episode 2, 'Fortune and Men's Eyes' Recap: The Longest Yard

Is it Ethel? Maybe, but one thing is for sure: the Gargoyle King design deserves some serious props Using Dilton's map, they get away and find the bunker, which looks like every cliche RPG players secret bunker in the woods would look They find cyanide and blue powder, more tailsmans, scribbles of the Gargoyle King,[...]