Riverdale Season 3, Episode 6: "Manhunter" Recap

There is so much going on in Riverdale right now. Archie is out, Veronica is trying to prove his innocence, Betty is interrogating people in the speakeasy, and Jughead is still wrapping his head around his meeting with the Gargoyle King. Throw in about 4,286 other little subplots and while this season had been enjoyable so far, its probably time to start bringing some of it to a head already.

RIverdale Manhunter Still 1

Poor Veronica. She is so gung-ho about clearing Archie's name, and all he has to do is stay in the G&G bunker. Very simple. So of course Archie decides he can't do that and starts trying to clear his own name, thank you very much. He decides to leave the bunker and head to the mines with Kevin to try and talk to the witnesses who put him away. Guess what? They are all dead, except a single person they rush to the hospital. They don't make it either, and because Archie only know one speed for his emotional state, he goes into a tailspin and decides to run away without telling anyone. He calls Veronica, and even though she tells him that they have actual real movement on the case, Archie ignores reason and heads out of town.

Veronica gets stuff done this week! She finds doctored video, hacks into files, leaks the footage, and gets her fathers lackey on the Riverdale police force seemingly put in jail, where she herself even ended up this week. Not that her redheaded love appreciates any of it in the end since he still runs away brooding, but kudos to her for trying I guess. He doesn't deserve you Ronnie!

Riverdale Manhunter Still 2

Bughead is still firmly ensconced in the Gargoyle King mystery, and while we got little movement on it this eek, some events took place. Since the Warden wasn't the Gargoyle King, she tricks all of the adults to the speakeasy to let them bury each other, with Penelope Blossom eventually accusing Daryl Doiley of killing the principal because he…loved her? And then killed himself? Ok then. Man those Blossoms have a high opinion of themselves. Daryl is turns out didn't kill himself though, he was poisoned with oleander, grown by Penelope, who of course says "Who, me???" when accused. Betty then heads home to yell at Alice some more before the Gargoyle King shows up in their house. They hole up until he just leaves with FP. Alice decides to head to The Farm, knowing that Betty would never go, she sticks her in The Sisters of Quiet Mercy! How she thinks the asylum is the best place for her I don't know, especially when Betty sees that all of the children there are drawing pictures of the Gargoyle King.

Riverdale Manhunter Still 3

Jughead meanwhile is reeling from his hangs with the King and his new gang. He and the Serpents go off looking for Joaquin, who tells them a lot of things. He was working for the Warden, he stabbed Archie, and did a lot of bad things because he had no free will. Neither did the Warden it turns out, as they took orders from a mysterious person who communicated with playing cards, because of course. He also mentions Archie is marked for death now, so thats inconvenient. Alas, Joaquin is killed when he is alone, the same symbol ending up on his forehead that is on Archie. The symbol means "sacrifice". Hmm…

As always, this was yet another crazy-filled hour of Riverdale. I still say that this is not a strong enough story to make it all the way to the finish line of season three, and some of it needs wrapping up, but after this week it does not seem like we are getting there anytime soon. Archie-as-Bruce-Banner on the run sounds like a nightmare, although I can't wait for whoever the inevitable woman he meets on the run and has a connection with comes to Riverdale after he returns and Veronica goes scorched earth on her. Until then though, the Gargoyle King's plan of causing chaos is in full effect.

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