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More Than Miyagi Director Kevin Derek on Showing The Real Pat Mortia
Gary Marshall, producer for Happy Days, and (actor/director) Penny Marshall also passed A lot of people who knew him really well passed away, and we couldn't get their side We did well with what we got." COBRA KAI (L to R) RALPH MACCHIO as DANIEL and YUJI OKUMOTO as CHOZEN of KID COSMIC Cr[...]
More Than Miyagi: Documentary Shows The Life of Pat Morita
Aside from his initial film roles, Morita thrived on television with his breakout role as Arnold in Happy Days with stories from stars Henry Wrinkler and Marion Ross and producer Gary Marshall Naturally, with his success on the show and recurring appearances on other comedies like Sanford & Son, Hollywood attempted to build on his[...]
Stan Lee long said he would make any cameo in any project he was asked to appear in, but who asked him to be in this? Gary Marshall directed the film and appeared in With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story documentary So were they friends? According to some half-assed internet research, they weren't until[...]