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Things To Do In New York And Philadelphia This Week If You Like Comics
Gary Panter attempts to invoke the unfolding lotus of the 1960s by thumbing through an old magazine missing pages – LOOK, Jan 9, 1968. Wednesday, October 22nd Desert Island Comics at 540 Metropolitan Avenue in Brooklyn, New York will host a Triple Release Party with Hazel Newlevant, Robyn Chapman, and Preston Spurlock  from 7 to 9PM They[...]
Cyberpunk's Influence On Brian Wood's Channel Zero And The Couriers
Most notable is Robert Crumb for his work on Fritz the Cat, which was popular in the hippie counterculture scene, and Gary Panter who defined the grungy style of the Los Angeles punk scene with his drawings for the punk fanzine Slash Magazine (62) Channel Zero, also published without the Comics Code Authority, creates a[...]
Countdown To The Eisners – Best Publication Design
While the cover alone is an amalgamation of words and images, it's definitely legible and aesthetically pleasing. Dal Tokyo, designed by Gary Panter and Family Sohn (Fantagraphics) A very unconventional layout, the elongated pages of Dal Tokyo (16.25" x 6.25") fit the single comic strip format swimmingly with one standalone comic per page The Dal Tokyo title[...]