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Gary Scott Beatty, Rick Bonn, Brad Olrich, Terry Cronin And Michael B Carr Launch Indie Comics In August
Gary Scott Beatty follows The Maketch Girl and elder gods into darkness Michael R Carr presents two aging adversaries converging for a final encounter And diesel punk meets modern world in Paul Bradford's "The Night Errant!" Out in August Here's a video trailer and an embedded PDF… can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Indie Comics[...]
Spotlight On Indie Comics: The 15 Best Of 2014 Edition
Number One written by Gary Scott Beatty (Seductions, Jazz: Cool Birth) with art by Aaron Warner (Adventures of Aaron) is nothing short of a masterpiece It is the story of how a boy's passion for stories drew him into a career as an comic shop owner and how his earnest love for others helps him[...]
It Shouldn't Happen To A Comic Book Retailer
  Who'd be a comic book retailer? In September, Gary Scott Beatty is telling the story of his retail life in comic book form Drawing this snake eating its own tale is Aaron Warner. Feel free to take a look at Number One, published by Indie Comics Magazine, below -in YouTube, PIt Shouldn't HAppen To A Comic[...]