gears of war: Ultimate Edition

Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition Updated So You Can Play Any Mode On Any Map
Sometimes they are absolutely necessary as certain game modes just won't work on certain maps, but even so, they give this perceived notion of barriers. Well, after initially locking off some modes, The Coalition have now opened up Gears of War: Ultimate Edition entirely, allowing every map to be played with every game mode It's a[...]
Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition Review – Look At All That Juice
The 2006 title was probably the first time I felt like 'the new generation is here', having incredible graphics and simply offering an experience we just hadn't had up until that point. So here we are at Gears of War: Ultimate Edition It's been nearly nine years since the first title came out (that is insane!), and[...]
Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition Evokes Classic Advert In Launch Trailer
The juxtapositon of a war torn world with the sad melancholy the Gary Jules cover oozes was pretty unheard of at the time it the effect still lingers in the mind. Well, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition has gone right back to that well, showing off the reworked cutscenes of the game A complete shot for[...]
Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition Has Gone Gold And Gets New Video
I've spoken previously about how surprised I was by Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. I was expecting a rather uninteresting up-rez, but from what I have played, there has been a serious amount of work to bring the game up into the new generation. Microsoft today revealed that the game has gone gold, meaning that the game[...]
Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition Isn't Launching On PC Until Later
A lot of PC players are happy about Gears of War: Ultimate Edition coming to the platfrom The first games initially launched alongside the Xbox 360 on the platform, so it is a nice courtesy to see Microsoft release the PC version again. Sadly, that version won't be launching alongside the Xbox One version next month[...]
Take A Look At Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition Cinematics
I got to play Gears of War: Ultimate Edition at E3 this year, and I was genuinely surprised This seems like a really beefy remaster and not just an up-rezed 1080p/60fps deal There is actually a lot of work put into this. You can get your own look here in this new trailer showing off some[...]
Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition Has Been Rated In Brazil
(Thanks to GearNuke for the heads up.) This seems to confirm the name of the game as Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, as well as where it is in production If it's going through ratings now, I think that all but confirms that the game will come out during E3. I can see a Black Tusk[...]