Gears Of War: Ultimate Edition Comes With The Entire Series As Backwards Compatible

297101-GW1I'm probably more excited for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition than I should be. I've spoken out about remakes in recent weeks, but after having played it, something has me sold. Maybe it is just the prospect to going back to the revamped Gears of War that excites me, but I know I will jump in knees deep.

And here is a nice incentive for you. Microsoft have announced that all four games in the series will come with the title. These will be accessed through the recently announced backwards compatibility service coming this fall on the Xbox One.

That does mean that they will only run at their native frame rate and resolution, but hey. It is a neat incentive. If you haven't played the series, I fully recommend that you do. It really was one of the best action franchises from the last generation.