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Marvel's in an interesting spot moving forward; their strong assistant editor numbers should keep the average up, but if they actually put in some effort to bring in female creators to write and draw their books the totals could soar. To learn more about the Gendercrunching statistics project and its methodology click here, and to see[...]
Gendercrunching April 2017 – Marvel Comics, DC, Image, Dark Horse And IDW
Gendercrunching by Tim Hanley DC and Marvel posted notable losses in their overall totals of female creators in April, leaving both publishers well off of the high points they reached in 2016 We also begin our biannual visits to smaller direct market publishers, with stops at Image, Dark Horse, and IDW. DC COMICS DC's overall percentage of female[...]
A Few Fun Thoughts About Marvel Now: Divided We Stand, Today
They are definitely narrowing the line, Venom looks back to his old self, and Captain America is still Hydra. As Marvel has lost a number of big name writers, they are doing their best to hire and increase the prominence of their replacements, with new names to Marvel like Matthew Rosenberg, Jeremy Whitely  and Elsa Charretier who[...]
Gendercrunching May 2016 – Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Dynamite, Valiant And Titan
More Faith is coming and that's great, but Valiant could be involving female creators more elsewhere as well. So overall, this two month trip has been the best showing for female creators we've seen across the Top Nine direct market publishers since "Gendercrunching" began DC and Marvel continued to best their previous totals, Boom! knocked it[...]
Gendercrunching April 2016 – Boom! Studios Close To 40% Female Creator Mark
Gendercrunching April 2016 By Tim Hanley It was a relatively strong month for female creators at the Big Two, with Marvel staying fairly steady with their record setting March total and DC posting a sizeable gain We also begin our bi-annual tour of other direct market publishers, with visits to Image, IDW, and Boom! DC COMICS After two comparably[...]
Lying In The Gutters, 16th May 2016  – Goodbye Darwyn
A New Marvel Record For Female Comic Creators – Gendercrunching March 2016     Jimmy Palmiotti shares his memories, It was Christmas a few years back and Amanda and I were shopping for presents for a few friends and decided that we would just recycle gifts and buy everyone presents from antique stores- the perfect fitting gift for[...]
Gendercrunching #DCRebirth Against DC You And The New 52
This is a Gendercrunching Special from Tim Hanley. On Saturday at WonderCon, DC Comics announced the creators behind their brand new line up of mainline superhero comics, promising a return to the classic feel of the DC Comics universe that the New 52 relaunch had been lacking While not a full reboot, it's a sizeable shift[...]
Gendercrunching January 2016 – All-New All-Different Figures
By Tim Hanley It's another new year of stats fun here at "Gendercrunching", and both DC and Marvel started 2016 with their highest overall percentages of female creators in several months We also take a look at female characters at the Big Two, and track how their representation has changed over the past six months. DC COMICS After[...]
42% Of LINE Webtoon's Comic Creators Are Female – And Half Are Read By Women
Bleeding Cool has been running Tim Hanley's Gendercrunching columns on Bleeding Cool for years, measuring the "above the line" credits in comic books form major comic book publishers and seeing how they divide by gender. Well, LINE Webtoon, the popular digital comics publisher from Korea, may have some statistics to add They are making their Austin[...]
Gendercrunching December 2015 With Yearcrunching Bonus by Tim Hanley
It's good to see that "All New All Different" hasn't meant more of the same old thus far. Compared To A Year Ago: Marvel hit one of their lowest totals in some time last December with 8.9% female creators overall, so they're up 6.2% since then. 2015 IN REVIEW "Gendercrunching" has run for several years now, and 2015[...]
Gendercrunching October 2015 – Dark Horse Steps Up
Gendercrunching October 2015 By Tim Hanley DC rose and Marvel fell, leading to DC logging the higher percentage of female creators at the Big Two in October We also make our semi-annual visit to Image, IDW, and Dark Horse and, SHOCKING SPOILER, they all topped Marvel but only one bested DC. DC COMICS DC's been all over the map[...]
Lying In The Gutters – 21st September 2015 – 100% Kosher
Gendercrunching July 2015 – Combined Totals Rise For Marvel And DC, Plus Female Characters 7. SPX '15: The 'Emotional Currency Of Comics' At The Royal Redux Panel With Brandon Graham, Liz Suburbia, Farel Dalrymple & Ron Wimberly 8. SPX '15: Scott McCloud On 'Camps' Of Comic Creators, Innovating In The Sculptor, And The State Of The Medium 9. SPX '15: Kathryn[...]
Gendercrunching Special Edition – #DCYou
By Tim Hanley With all of DC's new titles and revamped returning books now released, it's time for a special edition of "Gendercrunching" to examine how #DCYou fared with female creators The result, relative to the past few years of the New 52: not too bad And when you're talking about women in comics statistics, "not[...]
Lying In The Gutters – 6th July 2015 – San Diego Dreaming
Sam Wilson, Captain America #1 From Nick Spencer And Daniel Acuna 18. Venom: Spaceknight From Launches From Robbie Thompson And Ariel Olivetti 19. The Illuminati From Josh Williamson And Shawn Crystal   20. Warren Ellis And Gerardo Zaffino Launch Karnak #1, New Inhuman Title And Ten You May Prefer 1. Francis Manapul Walks Off Detective Comics For Something New 2. Brian K Vaughan To Write The Walking[...]
Ch-Ch-Changes – Adventure Time To Artifacts
With editor Marie Javins preparing comic books in advance for April, so that all the solicited creators match the actual published creators. Man, DC's Gendercrunching is going to look awesome when Tim Hanley gets around to April. Anyway, that leaves Ch-Ch-Changes without its usual go-to creative upheavals to report. So we have to look further afield… The short story by Henry[...]