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And Finally… The History Of The DC Universe, As It Was

Craig Russell, Mart Nodell, Joe Staton, Dave Stevens, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jack Kirby, Mike Royer, Keith Giffen, Bret Blevins, Al Williamson, Michael Kaluta, Gene Colan, Steve Lightle, Brian Bolland, Michael T Gilbert, Jim Starlin, Joe Kubert, Arthur Adams, Walter Simonson, Paul Norris, Mike Grell, Mary Wilshire, Andy Kubert, Gil Kane, Kurt Schaffenberger, Bob Kane, Curt Swan, George[...]

Howard The Duck Omnibus Returns To Print And Digital

Howard The Duck has always had an infamous history from the changes demanded by Disney years ago, to issues between Marvel and co-creator Steve Gerber to the 1986 George Lucas flop (the second lowest grossing film in Marvel history, barely beating out Punisher: War Zone). But the character is loved by fans and the ominbus […]

In Memory – The Gene Colan Scholarship

Clifford Meth writes;Following earlier discussions with Gene, and this morning with his daughter Nanci, I am setting up the Gene Colan Scholarship at the Joe Kubert School.In lieu of flowers and such, if you would like to contribute to this scholarship in Gene’s memory, please make your check payable to "Joe Kubert[...]

Friday Trending Topics: Gene Colan

Influential artist Gene Colan died Thursday night Much of the talk around the industry today was about remembering him, his work, and what it means to us I found myself wishing, as I have on a couple previous of these occasions, that I'd done more to let people know how important the person has been to comics[...]

Taking Daredevil Out Of Hell's Kitchen

There's just no rules to the setting." - Paolo RiveraThe group also gave their respects to Gene Colan who died yesterday, and his work on the character."Gene pretty much invented the way he drew Nobody else put a page together, put a panel together, told a story the way he did He was [...]

Friday Runaround – Remembering Gene

Love is the answer" - Gene Colan, from his final interview with Clifford Meth.As "Gene Colan" is trending on Twitter worldwide, we remember the man and his work.Clifford Meth: I am terribly saddened to lose Gene He was a gentle and deeply spiritual man, a bright light in every context, and those who knew[...]

Legendary Comic Book Artist Gene Colan Has Died

Clifford Meth has reported that legendary comic book artist Gene Colan died last night at the age of 84 Colan is perhaps best remembered for his stylish, brooding work on Marvel's 1970s Tomb of Dracula series, but the artist's lengthy career spanned both titles and decades, beginning with Fiction House's Wings Comics in 1944 and[...]

Captain America Versus The Status Quo

Take this classic story from 1970 by Stan Lee and Gene Colan in Captain America #130, you couldn't get more traditional than that pair.Anyway, there's been a student riot on campus and Captain America got stuck in...Burn down the universities! Anyway, this all leads to Cap getting on his motorbike and doing an Easy[...]

Why Can't Howard Look A Little More Like Donald Now?

Here's a preview to the new Fearsome Four comic by Brandon Montclare, Ryan Bodenheim and Michael Kaluta, a reactive title to the Fear Itself crossover gripping the Marvel universe. In which Howard The Duck is looking even less like Donald Duck than usual. In case we forget, this is how Howard appeared earlier in his […]

Gene Colan Moves To Rehab

After a recent operation, mentioned on Bleeding Cool last week, the comics legend Gene Colan has left hospital for rehab However, he has decided that he won't be going home afterwards and that he's looking for a hospice to provide long term care, for the rest of his life.While he is no longer drawing, he[...]

Gene Colan's Final Work For Sale

Legendary comic book creator Gene Colan is sick And through long term friend and colleague, Clifford Meth, he is selling off the last of his artwork and signed books to fund his future needs, with the knowledge that he is unlikely to be drawing again any time soon.So Clifford is accepting private bids on the[...]