Taking Daredevil Out Of Hell's Kitchen

When I attended New York Comic Con before people would choose to pay my way, I used to stay with a friend in Manhattan a fair few blocks up from the show. And so I'd walk through Hell's Kitchen several times a day. I knew it was Hell's Kitchen because it has plaqeus up telling me so. But instead of the vision seen in Darevdevil, it was a collection of delis, gastropubs and refurbished apartments. It was rather nice.

On the Marvel Liveblog, editor Steve Wacker has just been quoted over the Daredevil relaunch with Mark Waid and Paolo Rivera as saying;

"There's a bit of a location change for Matt. He's been in Hell's Kitchen for a long time now because it fit the character. I look around Hell's Kitchen now in 2011 and I think 'mission accomplished, Matt. You've done it.' We're making all of NYC a part of the book"

"Without getting rid of the noir feel of the book, the realism of it, let's take the super hero dial and move it up just a few notches to get back to a bigger sense of adventure, a bigger sense of a world outside of Matt Murdoch. Let's fold him a little more rigidly into the Marvel Universe. He's always been the outsider, always. He always got along with the heroes but was never a team player." – Mark Waid

"Foggy is the most important member of the supporting cast, always has been. I love their friendship, I love their partnership, I love that he's the brains of the outfit. Even though they're allied as legal partners again Foggy has his suspicions. There's something that's just not right about Matt, there's just something off. That's going to drive their relationship for the near future." – Mark Waid

"Dakota North is out there. We have a new Assistant District Attorney who I love. As far as the villains go, I think we've played out ninjas and the Kingpin plenty for the time being. Let's start mixing it up with villains that we're not used to seeing in Daredevil." – Mark Waid

"The idea of Daredevil fighting Silver Surfer appeals to me." – Stephen Wacker

"I think we've played out ninjas & the Kingpin. Let's start mixing it up with villains we're not used to seeing in #Daredevil." – MarkWaid

"Daredevil owns the rooftop more than any other Marvel character. He is always flipping around and doing all kinds of cool stuff. For him, that's his usual method of transportation. Beyond that, the rooftops have no rules. If you draw Spider-Man he's going to swing through a valley of tall buildings. But with Daredevil, he's up on the rooftop and you can just play. There's just no rules to the setting." – Paolo Rivera

The group also gave their respects to Gene Colan who died yesterday, and his work on the character.

"Gene pretty much invented the way he drew. Nobody else put a page together, put a panel together, told a story the way he did. He was notoriously difficult to ink because so much of what he did was in shades of gray." – Tom Brevoort

"As a person, this might be a strange thing to say, he [Gene] was like a muppet. He was a very gentle and sensitive sort of a guy who had a real almost childlike wonder about the stuff that he was into." – Tom Brevoort

"For the first couple of years of its existence, the Daredevil book didn't have much of an identity. It kept changing direction, it kept changing tone, it didn't quite know what it was until Gene came along and very quickly gave it a tone. Even more than Stan Lee, he was the key in giving that book an identity." – Mark Waid

"My first introduction to Daredevil was through Gene Colan. For me, he's synonymous with the comics of my youth, the first comics that I read." – Axel Alonso

"When it comes to Daredevil, Gene Colan wasn't my introduction to the character, but he's the one that I think of. " – Paolo Rivera

Taking Daredevil Out Of Hell's Kitchen Taking Daredevil Out Of Hell's Kitchen Taking Daredevil Out Of Hell's Kitchen

You can see more preview art from the first issue here.

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