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Dragon Con: General Leia Cosplay That'll Make You Cry
We're still going through our mountains of images from this year's Dragon Con (2018), the annual convention that takes place in Atlanta, Georgia. As always, some of the most popular cosplays again where within the realm of the Cosmic Conflict programs, Star Wars.  There were snaplines of Reys, slaplines of Holdos and Leias and Poes, and the[...]
General Leia Hot Toys 3
General Leia Organa is getting her own Hot Toys release As portrayed by the late Carrie Fisher, this release will ship in 2018 As with all Hot Toys releases, General Leia will come with many accessories and screen-accurate clothing. Once again on the run from dark forces determined to crush freedom in the galaxy, the strong[...]
last jedi
It is following up one of the most successful films of all time, The Force Awakens. It will be the final time we see Carrie Fisher on screen, as we all collectively say goodbye to our beloved General Leia Luke Skywalker will be on screen for more than 30 seconds and will actually be talking, something[...]
Disney Shows "The Last Jedi" Footage At Cinema Con.
Shareholders also saw footage of General Leia, Chewbacca, and Finn. Disney has kept information for this next movie locked up tight With Celebrations happening next month in Orlando, I'm hoping to see maybe a teaser trailer pop up from it. Those lucky enough to attend Disney's Star Wars panel during this year's Cinema Con were treated[...]