The Last Jedi Final Trailer And Tickets Drop Tomorrow During Monday Night Football

The Last Jedi comes out in December, and now we know when we will get our final big look before it hits theaters.

That's right, just like when the final Force Awakens Trailer was released, fans will have to watch Monday Night Football tomorrow to catch it. The trailer will debut during halftime. Look for that to be around 10 PM est roughly. Or, you can just wait until it's posted online, almost at the exact same time. It's so funny to me that people act like they are forced to watch football if they don't want to.

Also tomorrow, tickets will go on sale for showings that opening weekend and after.

Remember: if you can't access ticketing sites right away, it will be ok. They won't sell out completely. Theaters will add showings. I didn't even buy my Rogue One tickets until the day of opening last year. The panic people will feel getting tickets is not warranted.

The Last Jedi Final Trailer And Tickets Drop Tomorrow During Monday Night Football

So what exactly will we see in this trailer?

My guesses would be tons more Rey/Luke on the island. I think we will see Snoke. Briefly, but I think he will be there. Hopefully more DJ on Canto Bight with Finn and Rose. General Leia and Poe leading the Resistance. Maybe some BB-8, probably. Oh, and Porgs!!!! Tons and tons of Porgs. Maybe we will get some clues about what they are all about.

Luke Skywalker's peaceful and solitary existence gets upended when he meets Rey, a young woman who shows strong signs of the Force.

Star Wars fans: it is time to go into full hype mode. The Force is calling to us yet again. And I'm willing to be we will answer.

The Last Jedi opens in theaters on December 17, as if you did not know that already.

May The Force Be With You

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