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Secretlab Reveals A New Gaming Chair Partnership With Team England
Recently, Genki released a brand new item for Nintendo Switch fans to get excited about as the Covert Dock is now on the market The idea behind the new dock is to give people an option to play the Nintendo Switch without having to use the bulky dock that comes with the main console But[...]
Genki Releases The New Nintendo Switch Covert Dock
Earlier today, Genki revealed and released their latest product for the Nintendo Switch as you can now get your hands on the Convert Dock Originally backed on Kickstarter, this is basically one of the best devices marketed for Switch owners as it does a number of things in a very small unit What you're looking[...]
Review: Genki Portable Stand & Bluetooth Adapter For Nintendo Switch
A while ago, we received a couple of products from Genki for the Nintendo Switch that we thought were pretty awesome to review Initially, we just kind of threw them into a holiday guide with a quick couple of notes, but this time around, we thought it might be best to give them a second[...]