geostorm review

Latest 'Geostorm' Trailer Removes All Traces Of Humor

Evil plot that only Austin Powers could stop, but add in the fact that they're calling it Geostorm...This is a Geo Storm...And yes, I think of this car every time the movie comes up And I can't be the only one I'm wondering why they at least didn't go meta and have the scene where[...]

Time For Extreme Weather In The Second Trailer For 'Geostorm'

Geostorm is a Skydance Warner Bros production coming out this October The first trailer was sparse with a great sound drop, while this one is extremely different in tone Unfortunately, there are a couple of jokes that don't really land and the special effects still look really out of date It seems the only interesting[...]

Lego Movie 2 On The Move As Warner Bros Reshuffle Schedule

The Lego Batman Movie will hit theaters 2/10/17, so Lego fans will still get their block people.Also moving are Dean Devlin's disaster film Geostorm, moving from 1/13/17 to 10/20/17.. this is the second move for the film that originally was slated for 10/21/16 My girlfriend used to drive a Geo Storm...Another film moving is Bastards[...]