Latest 'Geostorm' Trailer Removes All Traces Of Humor

The premise sounds like something straight out of a 80's comic book: the United States government creates a satellite that can control the weather and prevent natural disasters. As you'd expect, someone has come along and turned it into a weapon. That alone sounds like a Dr. Evil plot that only Austin Powers could stop, but add in the fact that they're calling it Geostorm...

This is a Geo Storm…

Latest 'Geostorm' Trailer Removes All Traces Of Humor

And yes, I think of this car every time the movie comes up. And I can't be the only one. I'm wondering why they at least didn't go meta and have the scene where they're kidnapping the president in a self-driving cab actually be in a Geo Storm.


But that scene is from the last trailer. This new trailer that they released today has taken all of the comedy out of the film… and a lot of Gerard Butler. Before it felt like it was his film, now they've toned it down and you can't really say who the star is. There's a few to chose from: Andy Garcia, Ed Harris, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Abbie Cornish, Daniel Wu, Zazie Beets… you get the idea. This new cut of the trailer has gone and made what looked to be a horrible movie you'd only watch if you couldn't sleep and it was the only thing on late at night, to something that I would rather watch than Police Academy 4 again.

And could there be a worse time to premiere a film about weather being used to kill people? Maybe that's why they've pulled the humor from the trailer.

Geostorm opens October 20th.

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