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Lord of the Rings Gimli Statue Coming Soon from Prime 1 Studio
Prime 1 Studio has revealed their newest and incredible Lord of the Rings Premium Masterline Statue with Gimli The 1:4th scale statue shows the character from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and in action Gimli is shown swinging his deadly axe as he takes down as many Orcs as he possibly can[...]
Bad Cupid – John Rhys-Davies on Playing a God, Revisiting Franchises
One would also think that one might have contributed to the continuity and continuation of his legacy, making Gimli a full cinematic of the character I think he imagined I've been very lucky to be a part of it regardless if it was how he originally imagined." John Rhys-Davies as Archie in Bad Cupid (2021) Image[...]
Lord of the Rings Gimli Battle Diorama Statue from Iron Studios
Only one character has been revealed as Gimli the Dwarf makes his way to your shelves The statue is 1/10th scale and is based on original movie reference for high quality accuracy It is based on the dungeon scene from The Fellowship of the Ring with the stone base, skeleton, and book at his feet[...]